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Another old one:

2nd Force Recon Company
26th MEU(SOC)
Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group
USS Iwo Jima, Mediterranean Sea (2003)

2.0 Body [Flagset]
Head Sculpt [BBI]

CWU-27/P Nomex Flight Suit [BBI]

Balaclava [BBI]
Modular Integrated Communication Helmet (MICH) TC-2000 [Toy Soldier]
USGI Rhino NVG Mount System [Toy Soldier]

Bollé T-800 Tactical Goggles [BBI]

Bendable Hands w/Nomex Gloves [Soldier Story]
Alta Tactical Kneepads [BBI]
Matterhorn USMC Combat Boots [Toy Soldier]

FSBE Amphibious Assault Vest (AAV) [BBI]
FSBE M4 CQB two-mag Pouch 3x [BBI]
FSBE Single .45 Pistol Mag Pouch 4x [BBI]
FSBE Saber Radio Pouch [BBI]
FSBE Medical Pouch [BBI]
FSBE SAW 200-rd Ammo Pouch 2x (one inverted for holding a gas mask) [BBI]
FSBE HABD Carrier w/Helicopter Aircrew Breath Device (HABD) [BBI]
LPU-34/R Life Preserver [BBI]
Hydration Pouch [Dragon]

Gun Belt w/Combat Suspenders [BBI]
Triple .45 Pistol Mag Speed Reload Pouch [BBI]
FSBE Drop Leg Panel [Toys City]
w/FSBE M4 CQB Pouch 2x
w/FSBE Frag Grenade Pouch 2x
Assault Vest System (AVS) Drop Pouch [Hot Toys]

TASC Maritime Headset w/TEA Davies E-Switch PTT [Toy Soldier]
Motorola Saber Radio [BBI]

M4A1 Carbine Close Quarter Battle Weapon (CQBW) [Soldier Story]
M4/M16 Removable Carry Handle [BBI]
KAC Forward Handgrip [Soldier Story]
Trijicon RX101NSN Reflex Sight [BBI]
Visible Light Illuminator (VLI) [BBI]
USGI M4 5.56mm Magazine (1+6) [Soldier Story]

Safariland 6004 SLS Tactical Holster [BBI]
M1911A1 MEU(SOC) Pistol [Soldier Story]
Wilson Combat .45 ACP M1911 Magazine (1+7) [Soldier Story]
Pistol Lanyard w/Duty Belt Loop [Hot Toys]

Multi Purpose Knife (MPK) [BBI]
M6A1 CN-DM Gas Grenade 2x [BBI]
M67 Frag Grenades 2x [Soldier Story]

ASP Baton w/Holder [Dragon]
D-Ring [BBI]
Flashlight [BBI]
MCU2/P Gas Mask [BBI]

26th MEU(SOC) Patch


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Good looking figure - excellent weathering as well :)

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Always good to see green, unless you're a smuggler, pirate, or terr-type. This guy looks great.
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