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SEAL Team 8
"VBSS Missions"
Central Command Area of Operations (2002/2003)

S2.0 Body [Soldier Story]
Head Sculpt [Soldier Story]

Nomex Assault Suit [BBI]
Tee [Soldier Story]

Modular Integrated Communication Helmet (MICH) TC-2000 [Ace]
Wilcox NVG Mount [Ace]
Balaclava [BBI]

Bollé T-800 Tactical Goggles [BBI]
Hands [Soldier Story]
Tactical Knee Pad [Soldier Story]
Bates Combat Boots [Damtoys]

Allied Industries MBSS Plate Carrier, OD [Toy Soldier]
Allied Industries MBSS Admin Panel, OD [Toy Soldier]
Allied Industries MBSS M4 Triple Mag Pouch, OD [Toy Soldier]
Allied Industries MBSS Modular Assault Pack (MAP), OD [Toy Soldier]
Radio Pouch, BLK [Toy Soldier]

Gun Belt w/Combat Suspenders [Soldier Story]
LBT-6038B Double Pistol Mag Pouch [Damtoys]
ABA Drop Leg Pouch [Toy Soldier]
ALICE LC-2 Canteen Pouch [Toy Soldier]

TASC Maritime Headset w/Davies E-Switch PTT [Ace]
AN/PRC-148 MBITR [Ace]

MP5-N 9mm Submachine Gun w/Rail [Hot Toys]
Surefire M900A Vertical Foregrip [Hot Toys]
9mm MP5 Magazine (3+1) [Hot Toys]

Safariland 6004 SLS Tactical Holster Light [BBI]
SIG P226 Pistol [Damtoys]
SureFire Handgun WeaponLight Military Series [Damtoys]
9mm P226 Pistol Magazine (2+1) [Damtoys]
Pistol Lanyard w/Duty Belt Loop [Damtoys]

MPT-1 Knife [BBI]
M116A1 Flash Crash (2x) [BBI]

D-Rings [BBI]
Tactical Flotation Support System (1 pair) [Soldier Story]
HABD Carrier w/Helicopter Aircrew Breath Device (HABD) [Damtoys]
MCU2/P Gas Mask [BBI]
Gerber Multi-Plier w/Pouch [Hot Toys]
ASP Baton w/Holder [Dragon]
SDU-5E Strobe Light [BBI]
Light Sticks [BBI]
Mark 13 Day/Night Signal Flare [BBI]
Watch [BBI]
Zip Ties [Soldier Story]
Sledgehammer [BBI]

SEAL Team 8 Boarding Team [Patch]
IR Glint Tape [Patch]

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