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Operation SPIRIT Cam and Huey - 3rd Annual Sci-Fi contest bash.WIP pics partlist pg.3

Here we go... My eight OSW SCI-FI contest pics.

There were a total of seven LED's used in this project. I tried to vary the colors to add more variety.

Parts list and more pics - including making of pics to fiollow...

Thank you very much for having a look:)



ERSOC FT Personnel File 345208977.984.000000

Sergeant Cameron Miller
D.O.B. 9/3/1973
Male 6' 2" 185 Lbs.
I.Q. 141

Specialist in multiple combat systems and tactics. Former US ARMY Delta.

Load-out for SPIRIT MISSION:

ANBCP ( Advanced Nuclear Biological Chemical Protective ) suit.
GIRO ICCP ( Integrated Combat Communications Protective ) helmet with IV ( Intelligent Visor )
Helstrom ANBCP Kevlar combat gloves.
Onitsuka Tiger ( Asics ) Tiger Paw ANBCP combat boots.
Skramtech MCP ( Multi Connection Platform ) - with ICCP link, VHK2897 Radio and dual GoPro778 wrist computers.
Skramtech GOBI vest w/Smartech Spider Silk body armor.
XM11 heavy bore sniper rifle.
M7 7mm support rifle.
Ithaca Shortshot compact shotgun.
Walther P100 handgun w/Skramtech LAM.
Abbott & Lang AL5 Titanium snub nose.
Skramtech Titanium combat knife w/carbon fiber sheath.
Skramtech Titanium tactical folder.
Traverse 540 rescue belay w/Petzl Blackhawk PB 5 tactical rappelling harness.
Skramtech Alexander Tarasov AA88 Anti Armor heavy weapon w/Golomasyx equipped RLK78 rockets.
GMSX Golomasyx hand grenades.

Skramtech AKIHIRO combat robots ( Huey, Dewey and Louie )
Skramtech AFAMP ( Advanced First-Aid Med Pak ) w/allwell multi threat vaccinator.

May 27th. 2016

14:30 Hrs.

What follows is an interview with Sergeant Cameron Miller of the ERSOC ( Earth Response Special Operations Command ) SPAT ( Special Purposes and Tactics ) Fire Team X-Ray. X-ray was one of the fire teams involved in Operation SPIRIT ( December 14th 2012 ). SPIRIT was the turning point in The Grey War... The war between humanity and the HAF ( Hostile Alien Force - oftentimes referred to as Mr. Grey, or Grey in reference to the color of their skin ). Some details of BAF ( Benign Alien Force - oftentimes referred to as Mr. Blue, or Blue in reference to the color of their skin. ) involvement in SPIRIT are still classified and have been removed from the interview for ERSOC security purposes.

Sergeant Cameron Miller is a tall lanky man with an easy going and relaxed nature. He is intelligent and witty, and speaks in the drawl of his native Pecos Texas. Despite his age he still sports a boyish grin and full head of sandy blond hair. We meet at his family's 40 acre ranch in Pecos, West Texas. We sit on the porch overlooking the sun baked land and sipping iced tea that Cameron's wife Isabelle has brought out for us. The day is warm and there is light breeze blowing. To our left is the weathered old hanger where Cameron keeps his fully restored 1930 Travel Air bi-plane. We can hear the laughter of Cameron and Isabelle's children: Cory age twelve, and Alice age eight, as they play with Huey, the family's HIRO...

Sergeant Miller, thank you for agreeing to sit down for this interview.

No problem. And please, call me Cam.

Alright. Cam, how did you feel when you were told that you were going to be involved in the military's plan to use robots in the war?

( laughs ) I wasn't too thrilled. These robots were a new technology and largely untested in the field. But we were getting wiped out by the Grey and were desperate for something that would help to turn the tide in our favor.

Eventually you warmed up to the idea of the robots?

Yes. After our fire team was flown out to the Skramtech lab and proving grounds to see a demonstration of the robots. Up to that point in the war most of the robotic technology being used to fight the Grey was more conventional - UAV's, UCAV's, USCOV's... But these new bots were a whole different thing. Far beyond anything anyone had ever seen. ASIMO on steroids ( laughs again ).

You trained with and used two different types of robots in battle, and eventually a third type was developed just before Operation SPIRIT.

Yes. AKIO ( Autonomous Kinetic Operative ) and MASARU ( Medical Surgical Autonomous Robotic Unit ).
Both highly dependable, and widely used leading up to SPIRIT. The third design utilized many of the features found in both the AKIO and MASURA. It was designated: AKIHIRO ( Advanced Kinetic Humanoid Robotic Intelligence Operative ). The best of both worlds - a rugged combat-ready agent that could also aid seriously injured human operators. The AKIHIRO also featured improved armor, more computing power, and could move a little faster than the AKIO and MASARU. They were all given Japanese language acronym titles because of the invaluable work that Professor Fumio Morioka lent to the project. Each twelve-man SPEC OPS fire team was equipped with three AKIHIRO's - or HIRO's for short. Although we all ended up giving them different names... My team's HIRO's were named: Huey, Dewey and Louie, after the bots in the movie Silent Running ( grins ).

And much of this robotic technology would have been impossible without the help we received from the BAF?

That's true. The Blue and the Grey had an adversarial history that went back centuries, across dozens of galaxies and thousands of worlds. The main purpose of the Grey seemed to be to conquer worlds and wipe out their inhabitants. Mean suckers the Grey. The Blue were the opposite in every respect... benign, friendly... They made it their mission to try and stop the Grey from destroying race after race and pillaging world after world. After so many years of brutal fighting the Blue were on verge of extinction themselves. They used up most of their remaining resources to reach Earth. They landed here six months after the Grey - bruised and limping along with most of their weapons inoperative or severely damaged. But that didn't mean they couldn't aid us technologically. Besides, being so close to extinction themselves meant that in a way the Blue needed us almost as much as we needed them. So they began helping our scientists and engineers to develop new defensive systems as well as new weapon systems to strike back at the Grey. The robots were a big part of that.

So by the time the plans had been laid for Operation SPIRIT, ERSOC forces had been working with the robots for some time.

Correct. We had been using HIRO bots in battle for around three months... Places like: Concord, Helena, the Keys... ERSOC forces around the world were doing similarly. The forces in Brazil and New Zealand were even using their HIRO for waterborne missions. We knew that these successes meant that the HIRO bots would play a big role in SPIRIT.

Plus there was the new weapon...

Oh yes, bio weapon... I think we were all a little sheepish at the idea of a bug bomb. Especially after the disastrous results we encountered at the battles of BinLoc and Mac Myrtle Station ( referring to the ineffective use of nuclear and biological weapons against the Grey ) Despite all of the fears, all of the concerns, the mad scientists at Owl Hollow, with help from the Blue, came up with what was heralded as the wonder weapon that would beat back the Grey threat.


Golomasyx... Golo... Gmax. Specially designed to infect the Grey without causing any harm to us or the environment... Weaponized and packed into a light weight delivery system. One little rocket with a great big punch. Have you ever seen that old science fiction movie about those rebel forces who have to mount an attack against a huge heavily armed space station?

Star Wars?

That's the one... In that movie the good guys faced incredible odds against an enemy with more defenses, more and better weapon systems, as well as greater numbers. The rebels slipped in with a small lightly armed force and delivered a surgical strike right to the heart of the enemy. Our mission was similar - deploy a seemingly insignificant weapon right into the heart of the Grey. Hit em where it hurt and watch them unravel from the inside out. We were even using robots to help us in the battle. Star Wars... but the real life version. That's why we decided to call the Golo weapon R2 after that funny little robot that always rolled in to save the day in those movies. In fact we all had a little laugh every time our HIRO would boot into the R2's CPU to upload mission critical intel. Friendly chit chat between to silicon based buddies... Just like in that movie ( laughs and shakes head ).

What did ERSOC think of you naming the Golomasyx rockets after a character in a science fiction film?

They didn't seem to mind. I guess they figured a little light hearted fun was in order considering the odds we were up against.

I know some of the details of Operation SPIRIT are still classified, but what can you tell me about that day?

I can tell you is this: Each and every man and woman who was involved with SPIRIT, and all of the Blue who helped out along the way, were 100% focused and ready when the launch orders came down the pipe from ERSOC. On the insertion flight we were all razzing each other and going through our little pre-mission rituals, but we were ready. We inserted a little west of our intended drop point, and quickly regrouped. The Grey hive was 20 kilometers northeast of our position, and we used the HIRO to cause multiple distractionary skirmishes along the Grey line in order to help cover our approach. Our AA88 launchers and RLK78 rockets were capable of taking out targets from as far away as 5 kilometers, but we knew we needed to get in close. Without the HIRO distracting and drawing off the Grey frontline defenses we wouldn't have been able to get in as close as we did... Danger Close. By the time we launched we were within spitting distance of Mr. Grey ( official records and GPS up-links show that the first Golomasyx rockets were fired from a distance of under 300 meters ) Once the Golomasyx was released the effects were almost instantaneous... The Grey either dropped dead in their tracks or became disoriented allowing us to overwhelm them with conventional weapons. This was repeated world wide as different elements of the ERSOC combined force deployed the Golo rockets and followed through with conventional strikes. The final battle of the Grey War lasted for a little over two weeks, and despite the weakened condition of the Grey we still suffered losses: Human... Hiro... and Blue alike. Comrades... fellow warriors... friends. I can still see all of their faces.

We end our interview as the sun is beginning to set. It is cooling down and the kids are heading in from hours of play with Huey. I am invited to stay for dinner - fresh baked buttermilk biscuits, homegrown corn, and t-bone steaks that Cam has been marinating in his special "secret" Pecos hot sauce... How can I refuse.


ever wearing flipflops
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Thank you very much guys:) I really appreciate all of the kind words. This was the most fun bash that I have worked on. I really had fun making the robot - even when disasters would strike along the way.

jack2k7 Thank you - although I think others are better. I still had fun doing the figures and guns.

highwayman57 Thank you David - I added some more above. I took a bunch of pics because I wanted to get the details shown. That robot was fun to pose around too:)

gaiagear Thank you Leo - I couldn't think of how to spill out all the exposition without doing it in narrative fashion. I wanted the main guy to be likable - so I hoped that having him tell the story would help.

Hollowpoint Thank you very much:)

KMok15 Thank you very much Kenneth - I really appreciate it:)

Auret Thank you very much Terry - it is always nice to be able to take pics and share them with your buds. Thanks again:)

idreamoftoshiba thank you very much:)

ever wearing flipflops
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So did I post this thing in the right place - I noticed that there are posts within the SCI-FI Contest thread as well. Anyone know???

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Damn, this is some serious stuff.

This is one of the most impressive things I've ever seen on the OSW, heavy duty custom!

Gonna take a few minutes and get a good look at this.

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Mike, you know what? I forgot to breathe while scrolling down this post to see your work. This is absolutely fabulous! Unbelievable creativity and craftsmanship! I'm overloaded. I guess the extensions of deadline is worth the wait. The rich content can keep me coming back again and again. Awesome work!!!

ever wearing flipflops
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Thanks much guys - I have just been checking out all of the entrants this year. COMPLETELY MIND BLOWING work that all of the folks who submitted bashes put in. I was blown away by all of the alien creatures and the human fighters - some crazy machines as well. NUTS!

83 Posts
Incredible work Sir flip flop ! :thumb
you surely must have some Korean genes :D
Love both of them, and your border paint chipping really gives some extra volume and definition to all of the elements.
I'm aghast :b

ever wearing flipflops
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Thank you much to you guys for taking time to look and for the kind words. That means a lot to me.

It was a ton of fun to work on the bash ( and the story ) and I am more happy than you can know to share the results.

Aki i tschi Thank you - I am appreciative for the kind words.

Mr. Petey Thank you, I appreciate the compliment.

Kuroi thank you:) I am stunned by not only the stuff people bashed up this year, but the sci-fi bashes leading up to the contest. I was inspired by what I saw other people doing, so they are a part of it.

mgbb Thank you Ray - I have always been inspired by you and many other of our OSW folk ( see above list ) So I was thinking I wanted to do something that would be worthy of all of the other bashes that are out there. It was nuts trying to come up with an idea - so many possibilities with the sci-fi genre. I am happy that I had the chance and the time work on this bash.

[email protected] Thank you very much Wash:)

zebraten thank you Doug. It was a tone of rummaging around the garage and in the parts bin for stuff to chop up, rearrange and mess with:lol Cut and paste with crazy amounts of sandpaper and Dremel created plastic shavings.

otawerks thank you:) I might have some in there somewhere with all the other stuff:lol I really appreciate the compliment. I have always been either too scared or too lazy to work weathering into bashes, so it was a big relief for me to be able get the weathering on there without wrecking the thing:lol
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