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Open Range figure

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I haven't been here to post in a l-o-n-g time, but now that my computer problems are, hopefully, solved I can come here to play more often.

This is a figure I just finished. The head sculpt and hat are from Lonnie Hale (Frontline) that I painted. The shirt is Battle Gear Toys. The pants were made by hondo who also sold me the leather for the chap bottoms and he threw in a pattern for batwing chaps. The chaps were a LOT of work just the same. I modified hondo's pattern quite a bit, but it gave me a good start. Thank you hondo! (And Thank you to keeping me motivated through email when that was my only access computer-wise. You've been a good friend!) The chap tops are tooling leather that I dyed. I made the gunbelt out of tooling leather and dyed it as well. The boot's and spurs are DML that I've painted. The neckerchief is made of silk and I dyed it with tea. I also want to thank Butch here too, because he provided me with some head sculpt painting tips when I could not get at the tutorials here. Thank you, Butch!

Thank everyone for looking. I hope I can remember how to upload the photos now. Gulp! Here goes!

Hmm...I was able to upload to the gallery, but...not here. Sorry.



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Great stuff there,

That's Kev alright!

Awesome job there Kat! Love all the scratch built items and those chaps are really cool. Great work :thumb
Excellent, really well done.
sticks in my craw... My friend and me got a hankerin' for Switzerland chocolate and a good smoke...

one of my favorite movies, awesome a duvall!
Sweet work, great likeness
Great job!

I've been wondering where you'd gotten off to. Good to see you back and posting your work.
Sure, you get your computer fixed and you stop e-mailimg me......
LOL! Welcome Back!!!!!!!
Wow !!! great to have you back , it's been too long :) Excellent work on this figure " :thumb
Thanks rogerbee, Iron_Mike, gaiagear, lucas, KneeJoint, irishjoe26, laughinggravy, and Sawgunner!!! It's so good to see you old friends, and some new ones! :D

What a demanding crowd! irishjoe26, Charlie here nearly kilt me making him and you want me to "do a duvall". (I love Duvall, BTW.) :rolling

S-a-w-g-u-n-n-e-r! I thought I'd flooded your mailbox one too many times as it was. "And so...what's the trick to painting this and that and, and, and..." :jump4joy

Again, it's good to be back among old friends, rogerbee, Iron_Mike, gaiagear, lucas, and Sawgunner. Good to meet you KneeJoint and irishjoe26. Thanks again for looking. I wish I could have gotten my 4 pics to upload, but... you get the idea.

Very cool figure. Love the chaps and the way you made the hat look sweaty around the band. Nicely done.

That is a cool bash. Really really good. I don't do western figures at all. But you have inspired me to do a Buffalo Soldier from the 9th Calvary. This seems to be you area, so I may PM you for input. BTW, if you separate that index finger from the rest of the fingers on that DML leather glove it will hold the pistol better. Great Job on that figure. Got more pics?

T. R.
Nicely done figure. Open Range is about the only Costner Western role I liked him in. I think you've done a great job of capturing the character!1
One of the best westerns ever and you've represented it very well!!!!
Top notch cowboy, Kat!!!

- Ian
Thank you k9cop33, widescreen, thainer, STALL STUFF, prtnoclass, spyder, grizzerr, and Emergency Ian!!!!!! :)

prtnoclass, I agree, Costner's not my favorite actor, but he's good in Westerns. (I'm including "Dances With Wolves".)

T. R., cool! Do it! We need more Western bashes!!! I'd say that even if there were thousands here. :)

Thanks again EVERYONE!

How's that? A little help from your friendly neighborhood Sawgunner..
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