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On the Hunt for Modern MP Items

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I know that it should be pretty easy to make, but.... anyone know where I may be able to find an MP Patch for the ACU Uniform? When I was in in the '90s it was easy with the Brassard, but now with the ACU it is all velcro. I am also trying to find someone out there who does custom patches and/or ACU patches as I am looking to do an 89th MP Brigade modern. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Even with the ACU some MP's are still using the Brassard. They make them in ACU digital, with 2 velcro patches.( 1 for a flag, 1 for an MP Patch.) This dosen't help you much, because I don't know of any in 1/6. But here are some MP patch pictures. Maybe someone here can size them down for you.


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Thanks for the JPEG image, I will toy with it to see if I can size it down and make it work. I replied to your PM, look forward to hearing from ya.
I know Brian, aka Unforgiven5150 on here, also does some darn good 1/6 patches. Maybe give him a shout too.

If ya want any 1/1 89th Bde things, patches, etc.. let me know. They are here at Hood and I can get them from the Clothing Sales. Also, as odd as this may sound, my ex wife's new fiancee just retired here as well. His last unit was the 89th , so I am sure I can get stuff thru him too. Ironic how things in life turn out sometimes:b
I left Hood in 95 after five years active. I left an ex back there too, though I think she is long gone. I miss Hood and my only link these days is through the 89th website (which I am blocked most access to) and doing MP figures when I can.
It certainly is odd how life turns out.
Dragon came out with Jennifer with the MP brassard, it's at War-Toys for $2.95. You'd need to transfer deltatango's image or paint it free hand.


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