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? on female acu's...

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Hey everyone I just started collecting not too long ago and am trying to do my 1st kitbash. I want to do an acu 10th Mtn figure like the pic below.

I was wondering if the BBI female acu's fit on men, For some reason I can't find any acu's for males. Any links you guys can send me would be a great help. :confused:
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I think the top of the uni will fit most male bodies, but waist on the pants are way to small to fit anything but a fem body. IMO your best bet for male ACU will be the Soldier Story, they released an acu fig not long ago.
Snake_Dr said:
I was wondering if the BBI female acu's fit on men, For some reason I can't find any acu's for males.
The BBI "female" ACU Interceptor vest will most definitely fit male figures, if that helps.
I think they can fit but I haven't had any luck fitting them to male figures. The waist of the pants is especially snug. I *think* some folks here have been more successful at using them on male figures than I have.

If you can wait a bit, both Soldier Story and Toy Soldier are releasing figures in ACU. I have some previous examples of both companies' ACUs and both are nice. The Toy Soldier version seems a bit tight in the neck and upper chest on some figures. The Soldier Story version is a bit more blue/gray, like the uniform on the front soldier in the photo you posted. I prefer the somewhat greener color of the TS uniforms but over all, like the fit of the Soldier Story uniforms better. Soldier Story also does a nice fully kitted out Interceptor vest that will also appear on their new figure.
I can confirm - the shirt and interceptor fit male figures fine (DML, not BBi G3.5) but the waist on the pants is WAY too small (if you could split the back maybe they would work)

Just what is with the massive shortage of male ACUs?
Shortage of male ACUs? I did not notice any shortage ever since Soldier Story released their ACU figure and with another of their ACU figures hitting streets soon - there should be plenty of them around...

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