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Every once in a while a figure shown is of a political or otherwise controversial nature. We strenuously ask you to refrain from discussing the 1:1 aspect of the figure.

We understand your frustration our stance on the issue. However, we continue to stress the importance of keeping the topic simply about the 1:6 toys, and not about what the toy represents. Plus, it's definitely not impossible to talk about political and/or controversial action figures depicting the likeness of MJ, Hitler, Che, or even current political leaders etc without going into the 1:1 aspect of it.

Sure, the 1:1 figure indeed represents a topic that is politically sensitive or controversial. We understand that clearly. But the 1:6 representation is a toy, first and foremost. And in this forum, it's the TOY we're talking about, and not the person, right? Call me crazy, but I'm certain we're all trying to focus on the toy aspect of things... cuz last I checked, this site is primarily about toys and our enjoyment of the hobby.

You'd think more people would be able think of, oh, maybe at least a few other things to comment on.. like sculpt, color, stitching, accuracy, articulation, material, price, paint ops, detailing, manufacturer, artist, packaging, distributors, other uses for the parts, details to add, ways to improve, bash/customization ideas, etc... you know, like we do for just about every figure we talk about here. INSTEAD of the 1:1 issues we're trying to escape (if just for a little bit) while we're visiting this site. [And BTW, if the comments aren't about anything listed above, then it's likely inappropriate]

If we're incapable of exercising some self-control and separate the 1:1 from the 1:6 on this site, we may as well shut down all the threads whose 1:1 counterpart is about war, violence, and sex. It'd make for a very boring forum, dontcha think? We're relying on members to make a conscious decision to "not go there". I know it's hard in cases like MJ, Hitler, Che, or even current political leaders, etc. but not impossible (see 2nd and 3rd paragraphs).


Now, the purpose of the no politics/religion policy is to provide guidelines that foster a continued positive environment for our members and guests when visiting our website. Out of respect for our members and their experience here, and to provide an enjoyable environment for our guests, OSW does not allow posts regarding toys of a controversial nature (ie. Michael Jackson, Che, Hitler, etc) to go off-topic to the point where the replies are about the 1:1 aspect of the figure, regardless of what the 1:1 figure represents. Adherence to these guidelines will ensure a comfortable, pleasant, intimidation-free environment for our members.

In the event that a member clearly violates this understanding or makes continued efforts to manipulate this policy, OSW reserves the right to revoke an individual's posting privileges, indefinitely, at the discretion of OSW staff.

OSW firmly believes that our guests deserve to enjoy a pleasant, non-coercive experience at our site. We appreciate your patience and support as we continue to do everything we can to provide you with a respectful and pleasant experience during your visits to the OSW.


It's not that hard really. Just remember to keep it light and keep it about toys and you'll be good to go.

However, anyone having trouble containing themselves (and finds it absolutely imperative to talk politics/religion and toys in the same thread) doesn't have to travel far from our doorstep to find a place that will allow just that. In fact, if such is the case, I highly recommend it.
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