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Omega Man Cap & jumpsuit question

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Hello Warriors :)

I am trying to make an Omega man, but can not find the parts I am looking for.
Long time ago I found these photographs from a custom I really liked-
especially the jumpsuit and the cap (the other parts I could find after countless hours of searching eBay...)

This figure is not made by me, so I hope the customizer will not be angry for me posting his photos (just could not see another way of finding these answers)

I am also looking after a Roy Batty the android 001, but everytime I find one it has been repainted , weathered,etc and I like it original.
So if someone has a mint one (unboxed is fine), let me know, and I will Paypal.

Thank you all and hope someone can place me on the right track ;-)

Here are the photos:

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Check out my Omega Man thread. That might give you some help.

Good luck!

BBI has Blue Angel pilot with blue flight suit. Maybe that's the one? Though that zipper doesn't look anything like BBI...

Thank you all for helping me :)

Would never have found to whom that hat belonged ;-)
At least now I know what to type as search command in eBay.
Or if anyone has one loose for sale, I will pay good.

Yes, I have also seen the photos of that BBI flightsuit, but the zipper really is too big.
Even when one can replace it with a smaller one, I still prefer the more shiny one like in the photos I posted here.

I have read a few old threads here on, but because I could not find info the hat or jumpsuit, I started (yes, another) Omega Man thread...sorry
Hey, I like Omega Man threads!!!! If you find out which jumpsuit that is, let me know. It looks more like the movie version than the BBI flight suit.
I used the same hat for my Omega man. It fits the Frontline head perfectly. Good luck finding a loose one. I looked for months before I finally bought the complete figure. Also be very careful with the emblem. I used acetone to remove the paint from the hat and the emblem quickly turned to mush. I was even trying to be very careful not to get any on the emblem. The emblem is not very well made.
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