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Old West Cowboy .....

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Here you have a figure on a subject that I had never touched and that I love, as in the west. Hope you like it. Now the figure is riding, he still tinkering, and someday I will put in your new pose, so for now I share


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Very nice! I am working on my first western figure also....where did you get the chaps and saddle?
Very cool. Like all the gear, and the duster. :thumb
Beautiful job. He looks excellent.
Fantastic bash. He looks like the real deal. I hope to see more of him.
Hot damn...

That's really a good looking figure.

Thanks for showing us.
thank you very much for your comments

Brilliant. Would love to do figures of this era. Perhaps more weathering on the boots?
19th century.. I like it..

good job, really.

the clothes, boots, belt, are from newline miniature ? or homemade ?

my futur project is US civil war and indian war.... ;)
A fine looking Westerner.
YEW HAW... Nice job!

How about some close-ups of the tac and saddle? PLEEZ...
Nice looking cowboy, and he's well outfitted! Can you tell us where the saddle and some of the gear is from? He looks great!
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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