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It feels like i hadnt done anything with my figs for years.

i had to wipe off a finger thick layer of dust form them before i could even get started.

Ok what i could figure out is that ... if you want to get any gear on your Tao-Industries Figure with a more or less good fit you have to dig out your really old stuff.

i used the good ol Toy Soldier Woodland Uniform i bought at Commastore back 2007/2008 .... or was it storerooms???? whatever..

this was the first uniform i ever bought. and it fit well on the newest fig.

also the good ole Ace MK1 tac shirt form the CIA Nightstalker set form 2006... fits even perfekt.

the pants are kinda noname but they still have a way better cut and quality then dragon.

the boots are Toy soldier rubbers.

The WildToys Hoodys and shirts fit also quite well.

Shoe Sleeve Art Knee Fashion design Military uniform Military camouflage Military person Grey Sculpture Sleeve Gesture Dress shirt Collar Art
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