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NP headsculpt

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Hopefully the likeness that I was trying to capture is at least a little evident. This is a sculpt I did a while ago but I keep picking it back up and tweaking it here and there. I think my paint work on this version is better than my previous attempts too. It's really amazing how much that paint application will change the sculpt. Anyway I'm sure if I continually mess with it that I might get it even better but I really should move on.

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MAN....... Leave well enough alone.... I dont know why the name is not listed or who you intended her to be but I know exactly who she is because she looks exactly like her... Outstanding... Put the paint away and move on to weapons gear and exccessories......
Noticable resemblence which does not require any explination!

Top-notch work!
You nailed those freakish eyes! Holy Cow that rocks!
Man, NICE! If Miss Portman were to stumble across this site, she may for a second think she were looking in a mirror and declare "Oh no, my hair hasn't grown back yet!"
Goodness, This is by far the best Natalie Portman sculp i've ever seen.
Good work, I must say I envy your skills man. :)
Way to go, Callous. Your art is just amazing, as in this example, and you are one talented dude.

Thanks for sharing.
Very nice Erik:)
Very nice!
Damn that's very nice dude.
I'm gonna give that an official "Freakin' W-w-w-w-WOW!!!!!"

I didn't know what "NP headsculpt" was but as soon as I saw the pic I knew exactly who it was!

You, sir, have some truely amazing talent.
Evie down to a 't'. Excellent job, Callous!

Great head! I do not know what the original one looks like but this redo one is definitely life-like. Also made me to dig up a photo of NP:
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Beautifully done!!
Totally incredible!!

One of the best character likenesses I've seen. People may say you should work for one of the big companies, but, they'd only make an horrific balls of your fine work. You should make a version of this sculpt that can take rooted hair. The fact that you've done a bald one is a real bonus.

Fantastic work

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