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(DISCLAIMER #1: I'm new to OSW, and haven't really found a place to leave the lore for those interested in reading. If this is not the right place, please inform me/and or kindly move it to the right location. Apologies in advanced if this causes organizational issues.)
(DISCLAIMER #2: I'm not a scientist in any shape or form. If things that happen in the story line that are impossible scientifically or don't make sense, just go with it. :wink)
(DISCLAIMER #3: When creating this story/lore/etc., I'm sure many popular entertainment plots/structure will be present. IF there is a large similarity between ideas or concepts, I can assure you that I did not rip them from the fabric of reality and make them my own. Obviously there will be lots of influence from various media outlets, and the story line may mirror said concepts. Hope ya'll enjoy the lore as much as I had creating/adapting it!)

*Status quo
-Tons of kit-bashing, expect clone troopers to work with droids, marines, scavengers, etc.
-The world was ended by a nuclear apocalypse
-Compounds were created to save large amounts of civilian population from the nuclear holocaust (Fallout anyone?)
-The region the story takes place is in Asia and Europe
- Many if not all the compounds mentioned within the region that the story line takes place are run by criminal overlords (Judge Dredd anyone?)
-The main character is "Nox", who works for "The family" (obviously organized crime) as a harvester (Soldiers sent to surface for supplies)
-The main story line follows Nox, and his adventures

*General notes
-The surface is extremely dangerous, and has a brutal environment (Think Metro series by Dmitry Glukhovsky)
-Those that live on the surface have a tribal society, lead by various chiefs/warlords
-Main concern of those on the surface is surviving the night
-Beasts roam the surface (including infected/feral/zombies which are explained later on)
-Plenty O' loot from the war on the surface
-An organization named "Aegis" has been formed, and is responsible for protecting many tribal groups from the surface abominations-in exchange for supplies/places to stay. (Think nomadic mercenaries)
-Tribal folks view anything from the compounds as ancient/advanced/holy (this includes Nox)
-Nox's armor amplifies his natural abilities, protects him, and allows radiation to be pooled/used similar to adrenaline (think phazon from MP3 corruption)
-Modern day weapons are always in disrepair, and advanced/new weapons are very rare.
-Certain places are taboo for tribal folks, even considered holy sites (think of the Zion natives in FONV)
-From time to time Ill throw in flashbacks (lore supplemented with photos), and various character trees that do not pertain to the main story line
*Character backstory: Nox
Nox was born in a compound with a unique predicament. Doctors noticed that Nox has a mutation that allows him to absorb more radiation before death than average people (later on leads to powers but we'll get to that later). In a nuclear apocalypse that would seem as a god send, but due to this "ticking" gene (think Geiger counters)-hes one of the few people who can go to the surface and survive for extended periods of time. Perfect for harvester work. Growing up, Nox was taught various survival and combat techniques to survive on the harsh surface. He was also drilled to believe that The Family exists for the betterment of all who live within the compound (relatively large populations). To create this indoctrination, Nox was taken away from his family shortly after birth, and was placed within custody of various lieutenants of The Family. His current mission during the timeline, is to collect rare plant matter (special plants that grow in radiation rich environments) to supposedly create medicine and pharmaceuticals to help the population of the compound. The reality is that the plant matter is actually being used to create narcotics for use by the population in the compound, and surface dwellers.

This is first of many entries. I would like to see what y'all think of this so far!

Thanks for reading!
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