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Re: Notice Concerning Acquiring "Mortal Kombat" Authorization Permit of Warner B

Since the actual posted (Redacted) scans of the contract have been removed by OSW or the original poster or whatever, it occurs to me someone reading just the comments without seeing the actual posted document could form the wrong impression. This would be unfair to Worldbox and possibly to Zipcoolo if someone reading just the comments concludes there was some drastic breach of confidentiality or privileged information. Particularly one would not want Warner Brothers to read this thread and maybe draw wrong conclusions that aren't fair to Worldbox (or Zipcoolo).

I am going purely by memory here as I read the posted document and commented in the other thread but I don't have a copy now. The important thing to note is that the document was heavily redacted to protect anything sensitive or confidential. Basically the fact of the licensing was left in, but the entirety of the business deal or financial terms were whited out. If their agreement contains any specific term on confidentiality, that was in the section that was whited out. I do not think the information shown publically was as sensitive or unusual as some comments here suggest. For example the VP's name at Warners is already public. Warner Brothers' Bank Account Deposit information was a bit iffy, but probably not so hugely sensitive if eg Warners writes out cheques on that Account, and this info is probably already widely available to anyone making payments to WB, which is a lot of people.

Part of what Worldbox presumably pays Warner Brothers for includes the right to publicize and "prove" to the public that they are working under a WB valid license, so what Worldbox did by releasing the strongly redacted posting doesn't seem drastically out of line if we properly emphasize that any sensitive or confidential parts were redacted out. Of course someone reading this thread now wouldn't necessarily know that.
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