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hey there guys am new to this forum but am glad i found it..

i only have 3 1/6 two british paratroopers and a royal marine :)
but see what you guys have done is amazing and am finking of doing the same as of the box's have become damaged due to a leak in the roof :mad:

i havent bin in the army yet but am signing up middle next year opefully :)
i have been in the british army cadet force tho for 5years ( logistical regiment was my cap badge ) and loved that :)

i wish to try kit bash a figure of myself as a cadet for memories sake
brassard beret bergen and webbing ( plain olive green ) and cadet l98 rifle with cocking handle if there is such 1?

is there any british shops i could purchase all this from??

cheers in advance for the help


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Try You'll have to look all over the site cos its a bit higgle-de-piggle-de but they have great stuff, and they post it really quick!!
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