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You might want to try
It's a seller based in France who has a couple of Phicen figures as well. I dealt with them in the past and they're trustworthy.
Although there aren't too many hits when searching for Phicen you'll still be able to pick up the Chinese Honor Guard Girls for 120€.

German Seller has phicen bodies as well. The usually run about 100€ but come without headsculpts. | Onlineshop für 1:6 Actionfiguren
Dealt with them in the past as well. In general they're ok, but check your order when it arrives. I once ordered a HT Terminator from them and got the DX T2 instead of the Tech Noir Version.

Another Option from Germany would be SPACE FIGUREN. They still have a rather wide variety of Phicen figures or will get restock on them soon.
Again Price range from about 100€ for headless figures up to over 200€ depending on what you want. Phicen Limited - S.P.A.C.E -
But in General their Prices are a bit too high for my taste; that's why I never dealt with them so far.

I guess this might be an option for you considering you'll probably have to pay tax fees when buying from overseas.

As DFC already mentioned you might be lucky and get a deal at ebay. That's where I would start searching if the Option given here seem too pricey to you
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