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Hi. Thanks for your answers!! seriously! I have been able to verify that where more variety is in e-bay and in aliexpress.

I just self-raised my budget to 150e.
Leaving about 50 or so for shipping.

In aliexpress I have for example:

And also pretty heads:

90e i could have body and head. and the other 60e for clothes. And that merchant has a very good reputation.

Do you think it would be better to buy on aliexpress or on ebay?

PD: nuoya2012 is very good shop! a lot of variety.

But I have a question, what is the difference for example between s01a and s02a?
Just the color of the skin Or also the skeleton?

I have been able to verify by means of a review that s02a has vagina, although the most realistic are those of the class C.

adeno, thank you for the info about the Seamless skeleton! all the seamless bodys have the same skeleton?

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