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I also agree, Monkey Depot is an awesome shop for loose body parts. I've bought from them a couple of times, customer service is very very very good, I highly recommend them. They're one of shops who sell stuff at more affordable prices.

I also suggest looking for the Phicen "Stainless Steel" version of dolls. Don't go for a Phicen doll that only states "Seamless" because those are older and they have a plastic skeleton inside that will break easily. If the doll states it's "Stainless Steel", then it's good and very durable. Usually these come with headsculpts already so just pick one you like.

For separate body without a head, you can go for the Phicen S16A Pale or the S17B Suntan model. These are around $60 to $70.

I can't really recommend headsculpts since I haven't bought separate headsculpts for Phicen dolls. I think the brand "VeryCool" is what some people like to use. I think Hobby Galaxy has a few of those. Otherwise, you can find more on Ebay. I don't know how well they'll fit Phicen dolls though.

Anyway since you said you're from Spain, I think you'll be spending more when it comes to shipping fees. Phicen dolls alone weigh around 1 to 2 pounds, so shipping costs might mean having to spend an extra 20 or 30 euros for you (or more).

Good luck!
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