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That time again, so nom your favorite from the now-fleeting month -


_ One nomination per member
_ Must have a good link to the nominated figure thread, not a pic
_ No self-noms
_ No nomination of figures previously nominated

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Good Duck said:
Sorry, I'm new to this. Will the person won the Nominations get any prize from the 1/6 Warriors?
No prizes, just the honor of being the chosen winner.

Kitbash of the Month is not a contest, it's more of something we do to honor the talents on these boards as well as their creations.

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romedome said:
I would like to nominate Zuno's
"Let's GO!... Stuart... ^L^" tank.

Wow!... Thanks Romedome for nominating my thread, "Let's GO!... Stuart... ^L^".

By the way, The thread was just for a movie clip link. not for any pictures.
So I'm wondering you meant "The Last Comrade... ^L^".

If not, I'm really sorry about that.
and Thanks again.

... Zuno... ^L^
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