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Nominations are in effect for the final KotM of 2007

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_ One nomination per member
_ Must have a good link to the nominated figure thread, not a pic
_ No self-noms
_ No nomination of figures previously nominated
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My Noms gotta be for Caps New Look by greydeath, an awesome rendition of Captain America.
I nominate Lucas` Marine in Haditha

@Steiner77...THX for the Nomination :devilhnd
I nominate Iron_Mike's "Philippine Defender"

Sgt. Bill Dane - U.S. Army - Bataan Peninsula 1942
posted 12/1/2007 by Iron_Mike

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"Hold the line" USMC Battle of Saipan 1944

Without a doubt, Plasticboy's diorama was the one to top them all this month (even though he says it's an old bash):

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December was such a crazy month for me, I just can't remember who did what. I'll leave it up to you guys this time, though a nomination for Iron Mike's guy is a great start!

This is gonna be a tough one!

In my book though, HANDS DOWN the best Kitbashing I have seen not just in '07, but perhaps the best in all my hobby years has got to be Frankenstein's "PMC"...

Epic in a paradigm shifting sorta way!
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I am honored by the nomination, thank you Dave70b.
Noms are closed. Tho I let them run a bit long, there were matters of graver import happening aboard. Thanks to all for your noms, and for everyone's patience.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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