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Hi Folks
Like the title,could not think of anything else for this one.This is bash I did for a bit of fun using various spare parts,and a few of my own make.And is one of those simpler types I like to do for a change

That,s him.more an 1830,s look to him ,but I think he looks the part.
Head . DiD Napoleonic reworked
Body .Armory nude reworked
Shirt and Shoes from a Victorian set purchased on E.bay
Trousers, A.J Clothiers
Sash and Rifle,B.G.T repainted
Belly Knife .reworked Dog Soldiers version
Jacket ,Sideshow Joker version reworked
The rest is all mine
Thanks for looking ,cheers Gordon

wave man TDY staff
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Looks like he is going to an old mission in San Antonio De Bexar.
He has heard of a group of Texians in need of help.
Great figure!
That was my same thought when I saw him. Who knows, maybe he didn't get there in time, but fought with Sam Houston. A great character, Gordon. Nattily attired, but he looks "full 'o' piss 'n' vinegar, and scrappin' fer a fight".
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