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Next custom figure project!: USMC Machine Gunner (WIP)

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Green Cutting mat Mesh Grass Pattern

So far I got the Helmet, Head band, Uniform, Covered goggles, dismounted style NVG, primary weapon and radio set etc. All from the GA and E&S brand! Just waiting on the body, head, vest, load bearing belt and other essentials to make him a cool figure! My inspirations include real world photographs and the character Montes from the hit FPS game BATTLEFIELD 3 as seen below. This new custom will serve to compliment my existing USMC AOR1 Grenadier custom figure.

Military camouflage Squad Military uniform Camouflage Ballistic vest
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Excellent upgrades to get the M240 Gunner.

I did the same with a 75th Ranger M240L Gunner.
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