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Newbie say hi

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Hi all,

Thought it was time to introduce myself. Started in the hobby July 2007 and have gone downhill fast. Have forty one figures so far. Started with my pilots phase, now going through a band of brothers phase at the moment - 13 and counting.


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Welcome. :)

Looking forward to seeing your addiction pics.
Welcome aboard. It is tough being failry new and trying to catch up, isnt it? Puts a dent in your wallet real fast.
Hi Con,....Welcome aboard, from a fellow countryman...i know you'll be made to feel welcome here, as they are a great bunch.
Don't be afraid to show your work, and have fun.


PS: Recovered after Monday yet?;)
Monday??? What happened !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kidding, Neil. I know I will like it here. There are some characters here. Will post sometime.
Tatuued. it is a wee bit expensive catching up but so far haven't regretted it one bit. Ebay is fab for catch ups. Thanks to ebay I have got the majority of my figures and spares.
Welcome aboard Con! I feel your 1/6th pain...but its a great hobby and will give you lots of fun and enjoyment if not an empty wallet. :eek
Looking forward to seeing your figures and pics and once again welcome :thumb
welcome to the fun...let's see some pics of that collection:ninja
Welcome aboard!!
Welcome to the asylum. Please report to reception for your, room assignment.
Welcome to the board. Yeah you're hooked...the Crack Addicts Anonymous meetings are on Wednesday. Hollowpoint always brings cookies and milk for everyone.
Welcome to the madness.
He didn't bring cookies for the last meeting.... Welcome :)
He didn't bring the milk either. And Im at the meeting now.... Oh and welcome to OSW. Another of the fallen, I mean ummmm oh ah.... nevermind.
Welcome aboard and pay no attention to these guys, they haven't had their meds today.
Welcome aboard!
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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