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New Year Projects / Resolutions

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Hi Gents

Well, its that time know, where we promise ourselves things, and, yeah...9 times out of 10 don't deliver :) still its fun to dream....

So, what plans do you have in the 1/6th realm come the New Year? what changes are you going to make? and what will be your collecting direction?

Personally, the New Year will bring a massive reduction in 1/6th spending....with my other hobbies providing more entertainment right now, and the cost of decent 1/6th Action figures seeming to go through the roof, and with companies seeming to simply produce the same old US Special forces, 2008 will see my bank account statements free of the 1/6th curse.

Theres only a few things that will see me loosen the purse strings, a 1/6th Master Chief from HALO, if someone produces 1/6th versions of Star Wars Republic Commandos or, dare I say it, Starcraft Terran I doubt two out of these three will make a showing, my money is safe this coming year. :)
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Good thread.
Work has me tied up most of the time , though I'm hoping to get an assignment that will at least get me home more this next year.
Meantime I'm working on a up-armored H2 for my PMC's that will have a remote gun turret. I already have the hummer a part and am working through the details.
I'll most likely go full PMC with my new figs as that's my area of interest these days.
Most of my buying will be from the loose parts sections since I like to custom my stuff anyway and the figs coming out are a bit high for what you get .

But mostly I'm hoping to just have more time to do the hobby.
Lose weight, start exercising and get healthy.
1/6th wise, I hope to be a bit more restrained than I was in 2007. Also, get my Hummvee and DSV projects on the go and possibly finished in a timely manner. Just got to wait for the Humvee so I work on the DSV first.
_ Yet another attempt at completing some bashes
_ Spending more time aboard w/ my fellow inmates
_ Try to get enough sleep to stay awake for Friday chat

I doubt that onesix is going to get any cheaper, so like most I will be making tough decisions (and cursing sudden impulse buying "blackouts").

A few predictions:

  • More good stuff from the little tigers - Toy Soldier, Saturday Toys, Reload Action, Soldier Story, Barracks Sergeant, Human Wave/Panzerwerks, Zacca, (Red Horse?) - which will fill out wants in the post-WW2 to current field.

  • HotToys will manage to find yet more goodies and unique subjects in the SOF area to make a lot of folks poor but happy.

  • TwistingToys and Armoury will continue to make a lot of us very happy with unique stuff that others have ignored. Along with perhaps some others, they'll provide historical bash material that one might've thought we'd never see.

A few wishes:

  • Barracks Sergeant's Brits become available.

  • FSR/WP light machineguns are finally released.

  • Balance is restored to headsculpt pricing.

  • Outfits like Hasbro and Sideshow suddenly decide to make carded sets of their much-desired weapons.

  • 21C continues to show uplike your favorite crazy uncle.

  • The new bodies will be released in more than piddling amounts, and that the prices way be fair.
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To finish my remaining rebooted-style G.I. Joe Land Warrior bashes. (This one IS do-able this year ... I have 2 figures left to finish my desert squad.)

Actually POST pics of my finished woodland and desert squads (and a few COBRA-type mercs.)

Finish building ALL my Preds.

Start on my Joe room.

Did I mention post more pics?
try to spend less on 1/6th, and what I spend money on be things I really want
For one fundamental key to everything else: Continue to stay healthy & focus.

Rather simple in mandollies-wise, and practically remains the same every year. Be a sensible and selective bloke, avoid caving into blindness impulsive buying. Continue the trek to explore new realms, be that subjects that were never touched before or acquiring new skills and sharpening old ones. Scratch off a few long delayed projects from the ever increasing to-do list; better planning & time management in each endeavour etc etc.
Notice how spending less money keeps cropping up? With some of the Hot Toys products that will be coming out I doubt I'll be able to hold onto that resolution, and Sideshow is pursuing more LOTR and SW stuff that I'm sure I'll be wanting (Medicom's Raiden will officially set my personal record for most money spent on a single figure...aaargh!). Right now I'm caught up in "re-doing" some of Hasbros SW 1/6 offerings, so as far as projects go it looks like SW is the current monkey on my back. In all seriousness...I really need to narrow down some of my dollie interests and save more money for what I predict will be my most expensive year yet in this hobby.
Silas Loki said:
Personally, the New Year will bring a massive reduction in 1/6th spending
This will be something I'd probably achieve this year. I have been having this resolution for countless times year in year out but there were little or no motivation behind it. Next year will be very different and I might just pull it off this once!

Other 1:6 resolutions :

1. I'd stay focus to one military genre (this is hard!)
2. Start to open up and play with all my previous purchases.. I have quite a healthy stash of boxed and spares.
3. Make some money in selling some excess.

Non 1:6 resolutions :

1. Find a new, better paid job :p
2. Buy a car - finally!
3. Go holiday with wife
4. Lose some weight (HP, I hear ya :p)
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My main resolution is to not spend soo much and try and get a better job

In 1/6,
A-I want to try and do more real life things based on actual soldiers.
B-To go through and cut down my spares.
My resolutions arent that many but I do have a few lol.

1/6 Stuff
More PMC's I like bashing PMCs more than any other kind of bash and this year there werent much. Build a 1:6 collection of my favorite bashes.

1:1 Stuff

Get a nice place place to live.
38oliver said:
To finish my remaining rebooted-style G.I. Joe Land Warrior bashes. (This one IS do-able this year ... I have 2 figures left to finish my desert squad.)
That's not too different from mine! :lol

The Woodland guys are close to done, although I might change out some things. The weapons are still the most "iffy" aspect and I'm not happy with the grenadiers' gear.

The Desert guys are just a fire team and I have most of the major parts to assemble them. I *might* expand them to a full squad if the right parts come along. There could be some alternate uniforms, as well.

I've started work on the ACU team. I haven't decided if I'll do a fire team of 4 to 5 or go for an 8 member squad as per my usual TO&E.

Will there be a Multicam fire team or squad? Only time, parts availability and finances will tell!

I want to update and expand the female members of the 1/6 scale crew. Hopefully, the Obitsu girls will get fitted with the new "rifle grip" hands and some of the unfinished girls will get faces with the help of the new Parabox eye decals. As always, they could use more military uniforms and gear.

I can't settle on a look for the OpFor squad. I have a few ideas nailed down but uniforms continue to be a problem. This is my "ADD project"; you know, "Well, that's done! No, wait... Ooooo pretty!"

I hope to focus on custom weapons more this year. I have some fictional (but realistic) rifle designs I'd like to try and also an idea for a drum-fed Squad Automatic Rifle.
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Personally I ain't changing a thing, it's just another year!!
grizzerr said:
Personally I ain't changing a thing, it's just another year!!

I also noticed a trend of "spend less". I did this several years ago after of a few "spendy" years and now there's stuff out there that I want again. It's probably better to say that I intend to be more focused in my spending since I drifted off course a bit this past year.
Hoping to get a Few figures sold So I can stop using my P3 1.0.

And Finish up a few bashes for next year WoH.
Also tied up with work recently, but as for new years resolutions, I'd like to make some headway on a couple projects that got put on hold by some major changes in my life:
-92nd(Gordon Highlanders) Regt. Colour Sgt. at the battle of Quatre Bras, 1815
-WWI Black Watch project improving on the SST version
-get to work on a generic WWI Rupert once I get the parts I've pre-ordered from John Coleman
-Start work on a generic member of the Chindits in Burma, to get more specific as the project progresses

Also, spend less (made easier by my decision to focus on a single nation in terms of collecting (any guesses at what that is?)) and make some headway in my new post-collegiate life.
I want to actually finish sculpting something. Right now I'm trying to sculpt a Ashley Wood style Tank Girl head. If I can actually do that Booga is next.
My biggest concern right now is to spend less time on this site!!!!! You guys are killing me! I keep seeing better and better bashes coming that keep me coming back, spending less time on my own bashing. I must stay away so I can stop spending money on the little things that I see pop up in bashes. I'll see a gun, pack, jacket, something that makes my little brain go, "Oh, I've got to get that for a bash", then I buy it, then see another cool bash with something where I go, "Oh, I've got to get that for a bash", etc, etc.... I now have BOXES full of parts, but I keep coming back for more. Someone ban me so I can get some work done!!!!! Hopefully, this will be a year of spending less, and bashing more.
ps-moderators please don't ban me, we need to spend money for precious.
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