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Twisting Toyz Italian A/Tank Gun

Price: 250.00 EUR

Italian Antitank gun 47/32

The box contains an unassembled prepainted 1/6 resin and metal model kit SHIPMENT COST IN EUROPE INCLUDED


* Shovel
* 1 Ammo Box that open and fits the ammunitions
* 3 Ammo Box closed
* 2 types of ammunitions (HE and AP)
* A CD with the instructions


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mx22 said:
Well latest Merit newsletter has a dealer price on this piece. I think MSRP will be around $300, maybe even somewhat less... Don't take my words on this until you see the price posted on their site.

One of my "usual suspects" just popped up with it on pre-order last night (well, I just checked his site last night), and you're right, he has it for $ 299.99, less shipping!!!! :wail That's still awful pricey by my count, especially in this current economic climate... :confused:

I note that "The same weapon was also used in the Austrian and Dutch armies." That might appeal to one or two niche kit-bashers/customizers thinking about trying a pre-war diorama for 1938, or maybe even a Dutch diorama from May 1940... :wideyes

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