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:D Technicaly this is my first bash here and it's kinda quick bash so he comes out pretty "clean" :p

MLCS H-Harness - PlayHouse ( just brought it and looks pretty good :clap)
Headsculpt - from BBI ( I forgot which one :p)
Body - from BS ( with a pretty weak knee..can't stand very long time :()
Big gun - from BS's box set
Small gun - well the side arm from's hidden :X
Headset - BBI 2007 Anniversary Limited Edition
Knee pads - BBI ....or ACE...or....I forgot :nanana
Interceptor - ACI
Boots - a copycat version ... no brand or at least I don't know...:rolleyes

Hope you guys like it :shades
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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