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Stonewall Jackson
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Hi to all the members here, I have been on the sidelines looking at the great variety of Kitbashes and unique figures on here. Totally in awe of the skill and the dedication to detail.......well enough of the 'creeping'......but honestly this is a tremendous site for the hobby.

I go under the name of TJJackson on the 6th brigade (1/6th American Civil War Noticeboard).

This will be my first post on here, and now I have baptized myself I, hopefully, will be active.

My attempts at Kitbashing have always been in the American Civil War Period, my first love, but I am mainly an 18th - 19th based fanatic.

Due to restraints, beyond my control, I have do not have the time to kitbash full figures. However, I still like to keep my hand and eye in. So I am posting some attempts at custom Hats and helmets - again mainly 18th and 19th century. Even the 'furniture' for the items I had to rekindle my modeling skills with Milliput putty and molding techniques.

I have also added some of my old Kitbashes, including the 12pdr Napoleon cannon I scratch built years ago....which actually fires !!!!

So here honest and any tips or ideas, please be kind.​

American Civil War Hardee Hat

American Civil War Kitbash - some figures I did years ago.

A Little Dio - again done a few years ago.

Maryland Guard Zouave - before Battlegear Toys made the Uniform for us....

(Sorry for posting so many pictures in one go......)

Till the long roll summons us to Battle.

Mandoll withdrawl
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Very cool work, and Welcome Aboard! Like GS noted, your custom headgear are really fine looking pieces and that cannon of yours is really impressive. That picture of the crew firing it is awesome.
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