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Greetings to all! My name is Chris Howes. I just signed up with One Sixth Warrior Forum and thought I'd introduce myself.

I'm new to the 1/6 custom world. However, I'm not new to the collectible world. In fact, I've been in the Toy and Collectible business for 20 years as a designer and sculptor. There's a good chance you've seen my work at some point if you've walked down the toy aisle at your local mega mart.

I've worked on some fairly prominent products from action figures and model kits for Jurassic Park to Star trek to Star Wars to Austin Powers and so much else it's hard to keep track.

I've also had work in a number of Movies and TV shows, most notably Independence Day and Third Rock from the Sun.

Now I'm getting involved in Custom work. Got REAL tired of the corporate world and I'd much rather work with people who have a passion for what they do.

Anyway, I'll be around if anyone has any sculpting questions. Check out my web page to see a selection from my portfolio of work from throughout the years at

Here's a look at a 1/6 Arnold Schwarzenegger I recently sculpted for fun.

I look forward to getting to know the folks here.


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Hey Chowes!!! Welcome to the OSW, glad to have you onboard. I seen your work before on a Hobbyist Website. I think it was Fine Scale Modeller. Anyways, Your work back then blew me away and once again, it blow me away here. You do some great pieces and I hope you fine the OSW a great home to show your work.

Cheers!!! And welcome!!!
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