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Sooo Alexei...You don't agree that the vest,boots and a new M4 mold are good points?

And you don't agree that the set didn't have NVG mount,ot that the BDU's were a bit oversized,or that my M4 rail broke?
I dont agree that M4 is too fragile - it's just as fragile as all other delicate items from other manufacturers. I handled whole bunch of these M4s, none broke...

BDU fits nice on the supplied body, as well as ACE and HT. No complains from me. But of course, I haven't tried it on Toy Soldier bodies...

Large CIRAS - I don't know, could be... still better then Toy Soldier one which was on a smaller side (so you could not really fit everything you want on it) and is impossible to find.

As for items not included in the box. Well I can come up with a whole bunch of other items that I would like to see on EOD (or any other figures from any other manufacturer) that probably more needed then the NVG mount; after all, I can always use some other helmet on the figure, while some EOD-related items would be very hard/impossible to find. In the end, what we get in the box and for the price it sells for is more then decent.

Anyways, you have your point and I have mine. We already know you won't completely agree with me and I won't completely agree with you:)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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