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New Product! Art Figure:The King

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New from Art Figure! Coming soon...


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OOh! Excited about this, I hope they do more LOTR since SSC threw in the towel with 1/6 of these movies.
Do all of ART Figures sculpts need to be done by artists raised on Metaluna? :D

Nice figure, atrocious sculpt. Lower half looks more like the Syrian weasel character from Spartacus, upper half looks like This Island Earth. Come on guys, if you want us to spend $100+ bucks on your stuff, don't sell us garbage. There isn't a lot to this figure to begin with, to add a "um, is that supposed to be Aragorn?" sculpt on top of it is mildly insulting.
Not so much a fan of LOTR that I would buy this. Overall an impressive looking figure, but not the best Viggio sculpt I've seen.
Not for me, but the Art Figures figures have all been really nice and well made, the Ray Punisher is a great item.
I like it, but Viggio's face looks like he's gained about 30 pounds since he became king.
I like it, but Viggio's face looks like he's gained about 30 pounds since he became king.
Too much Lembas bread.
Oh hellz yeah!
Genius move Art figure.

But yeah, sculpt sucks.
Needs his crown.
Oh hellz yeah!
Genius move Art figure.

But yeah, sculpt sucks.
Needs his crown.
I agree, if the hs is going to be off then at least include the crown so there's no mistaking who he's meant to be! Oh, just remembered he had a whole suit of armour to go with it, well that would be nice too!LOL
Wow-- well, this was totally unexpected!

But, yes, it is a fantastic move on their part.

And while nothing has been as awesome and dead-on (IMO) as the "Saves" (Punisher War Zone) sculpt, I don't think that this one looks too terrible. I might be a better idea on their part NOT to have a sculpt too close to Viggo. Would you really want New Line and their lawyers knocking at your door?
NICE! I'm a big LOTR fan. This is a must-buy for me. Although I'll probably switch the head to my Erick Sosa head.

Pleeeeeeeezzzzzze do Gimili next.
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! A TOTALLY "MUST BUY" FOR ME!!!! :clap:clap:clap:clap

This is just way, waay, waaay cool! And hopefully we will see many more LotR figures!!

The headsculpt is just fine for me, close enough. I too may get another of Erick Sosa's Aragorn from Eric for this too, but I'm undecided atm.

Working on a LotR display too, have a custom Gimli to finish as well as Merry and Pippin, so yeah, I'm a huge, huge LotR fan. I simply cannot WAIT for this one!!
Whoa, nice surprise from AF! I agree, it needs a crown.

Too bad it doesn't have the LOTR license, or I'd be able to justify adding it to the collection (I try to stick to military and movie licensed 1/6 only). It's a great effort and nice change of pace, though!
Man, I LOVE this figure! Had to come back! :dancing:dancing:dancing Wouldn't it be great if they started making MORE LotR figures?!?! For a fantasy nut, this would be so damn great!
Need Sauron,Gimili,Witch King,Gondor soldier and a Rohan rider.

...oh and a Orc in White Hand armor.
damn this came out of nowhere!. cool i have no LOTR figs for my movie collection. this will fit right in!
Art Figures started well with a Punisher figure: Check

They do well with a Bruce Willis figure: Check

They continue good with another figure: Check

Then they let me down with the Delta figure: Ok

Now they let me down again with this piece of trash: Ok

To keep standard, will probably stay well far from the next release...
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Holy crap, so bought. I hope you're not pulling some early April fools joke.

ETA When I first saw the thread title I was wondering why Art Figures was making an Elvis Presley figure.
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