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We have uploaded over 125 new photos of ACI's upcoming 1:6th scale action figure release: ROMAN LEGIONARY. Slated to arrive later this month, this world-conquering foot soldier marks one of the first new releases in an all-new series depicting the ancient Roman army, other releases including a Roman Optio and Roman Centurion. The Roman Legionary is available for pre-order in the U.S. right now through Cotswold Collectibles listed at $174.99. For international orders, visit ACI's "Where to Buy" webpage HERE.

ACI's 1:6th scale Roman Legionary features:

- Medium Built Body, Christian Ver. 4.
- Four pairs of hands
- Newly Sculpted Head
- Roman Imperial Gallic Style Helmet
- Roman Style Armour- Lorica segmentata
- Tunics & Pants/Braccae
- Focale (Scarf) & Headband
- Hooded Cloak
- Legionary waist belt with apron
- Roman Leather Baldric
- Sandals (Marching Boots)
- Gladius (Sword) and Scabbard
- Pugio (dagger) and Scabbard
- Javelin
- Scutum (Shield)

All Photography by Jeff Saylor

Review Sample Courtesy of ACI Toys

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