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Apologies if this has already been mentioned, but it looks like Phicen are bringing out new seamless bodies.

Except this time they will have steel skeletons for extra strength.

Product description:

This section simulation model is a group of companies to be moving from the Phicen dual model of passionate engineers, materials experts, artists, etc., which lasted three years research and development.
We conducted numerous tests, so the model can achieve real-like feel, including skin texture, flexibility, and other nuances.

According to the model height 168CM tall women according to 1:6 true human design. It is a revolution in the human body model. All internal skeleton model to build all the parts made of stainless steel, durable, easy to corrosion. Has 26 joints, mostly spherical joints, flexibility is very high. Each joint can be as real as freedom of movement, and can mimic more than 90% live action. This section models can easily put on a variety of dynamic poses, demeanor and character mimic any action. External model with a special medical grade non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, anti-aging, easy to clean and easy to maintain, easy to staining and cracking. In addition, soft, skin-like gives a real feel. Although this product is for enjoying, but it is not a toy. It is made of high quality materials and strict quality control ratio of 1:6 produced exquisite simulation mannequin. Does not have features. Whether you're a character creator, modelers, photographers, painters, or just people who like to collect, you can enjoy a seamless body of the industry's top models.

There are two models so far. One is pale with a Katy Perry-ish head sculpt:

The second is tan and the head sculpt reminds me of Amy (Man of Steel/Enchanted) Adams:

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You're right, it seems like those will come out soon. I think there's a big improvement, however, judging by the pictures, I see there are several areas of opportunity. They still can't shrug; I've been checking sites where you can see that dolls are being developed with a metal skeleton that allows simulation of human poses in a very realistic manner.

Their feet seem to be on tippi toes all the time. It seems that they can't be posed standing "flat". Also, it looks like they don't have a sideways movement which wouldn't allow them to stand with their legs open. I don't notice an up and down poseability.

I'm certainly no developer but Hot Stuff already came out with a very nice feet and toes poseability, so I hope Phicen develops based on that.

The flesh material seems to be very flexible which allows a wide range of posing capabilities; I think there has been a very important step ahead. A very soft and flexible flesh is key for poseability.

Anyway, based on what we all have been browsing through, Scoonim Dolls are the closest to an almost perfect female miniature, but they are practically unafordable. Our friend kdw posted some time ago a list of seamless dolls in the market. I think that our korean friend from has a magnificent option. I've been in contact with him and it seems like in 2014 he will have a product that will satisfy us very very much.

What I'm definitely very happy about is that several developers are coming out with products that are each time closer to what we're expecting to have, a beautiful 1/6 female figure.

Happy new year everybody!

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Is back! I'm confused!

Is definitely news, and it has been mentioned before on OSW.

I like kitbashing figures, so I'm not into the seamless bodies apart from the heads.

But hopefully a metal skeleton will make these bodies more durable than the old plastic one.
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