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New Member!!!!!

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Hi everyone my name is capv97 but you can call me cap. Whats is my mission in this hobby?............To enjoy it of course!!! I got into collecting figs when I bought my first ultimate soldier in ToysRus. Those innocent childhood days when you can buy a german figure in TRU. But now I collect some dragon and a few DID parts. I mostly collect WW2 Russian and Germans(Army and Luft only). I also have an interest in other eras. This is why I join the forum, the diversity of figs you can post and talk about here. I'am interested right now is bashing an Argentine, and Bolivian soldiers. Set in the 70's or 80's of course, hoping to bash one in the future. :ar15

What I hope to do in the future is to make a movie with the figs I have. My stop-motion-animated movie will be an action comedy. Some WW2, added with futuristic miltary coup. The Nazis the bad guys, the rebels the good guys, and some goofy kid. Who won't admit he is the key to the solution and ends up killing a bunch of bad guys. I want to start this movie when I get a film class in college. I will post it here the final product. Anways thanks for reading and letting me join. :hat
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Welcome to OSW dude.
Glad to have you onboard. Your movie sounds interesting, just dont tell us the ending ;)
Welcome aboard - I agree with jankatana, your movie sounds interesting. I remember another member had done some stop motion animation with 1/6 figures and the outcome was very cool.
Thanks guys, yeah right now I don't have a complete written story yet!!! :D
Right now its just a bunch of ideas and sentences written on a piece of paper. After that I need a job to buy the camera, uniforms, and some extra stuff for production. I will try to do my best of what I have. :erm

Inspiration. I like to wacth Robot Chicken sometimes, I liked Gumby when I was a kid. I liked the weird cartoons they use to play on MTV in the 90's.

What else?.... The idea of the begining maybe will start of the main character starting up some **** that he didn't think will lead him into trouble. It will be a fun ride with a couple of laughs, chicks, youth gangs, goverment cover-up. Spoiled brat, restless leader, goofy nazis, pizza and beer, and cool music. :hat
It does sound like a great project.
Good luck with your movie and welcome to the forum,
Welcome to the boards.

My friends and I finally finished shooting our film, also a WWII comedy, but live action. We used 1:6, 1:18, and 1:32 scale as miniatures. I have a lot of GI and Kraut uniforms that I'll be getting rid of soon... Drop me a PM if interested.
Welcome to OSW, cap!

- Ian
Thanks everyone for the welcome.:)
Welcome aboard, cap.
Welcome to our 1/6th craze...careful once we let you in ...we never let you out. You are ours for life...muh,ha,ha,ha!!

Again welcome aboard.


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