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found new lighter skin playtoy 2.0 series bodies for sale at Cotswold! lots of people were mad no doubt about the color match issue, even silentG (will) whose lady gillian is still on my get list, if he ever makes her head.....anyway, for those like will who were mad at them, playtoy fixed the color issue i think.

this is one...

the best part is that they all have the same hands, feet, and neck options as the first batch... and cotswold has em for sale for the price of $27.49! the price of the first runs were the same. right now they have small med and large. again the bodies are a new, lighter skintone, so I'm guessing that now color match is a stronger possibility?

will buy one and post pics when i put it to use. Eva will receive it of course as she is my favorite 1/6 gal. hopefully the skintone will match to Triad's greatest head ever.
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