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Ooops :cry -- sorry, in my enthusiasm to share the news I didn't realize there are already at least TWO (2) threads on this... Mods can delete this if they please. :bag
Just saw over at Cotswolds site they have up for pre-order, 2 new carded TrueTypes:

TrueType 38 Figure (Series 3): Caucasian, ETA Aug. '08
TrueType 38 Figure (Series 3): Asian, ETA Aug. '08

Difficult to be certain but they appear to have the median skin color (neither too pale nor too "sun tanned").

Maybe they heard the lamentations of the masses? Or, their overpriced boxed sets aren't selling as well as they hoped in the current economic climate, eh?

And what's up with the world-wide-wait this morning? Half the sites I try to visit are timing out... I'd have said it was Chinese hackers in a snit over the Torch protests, except at least one site I can't get is in Hong Kong... :sadshake
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