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Link to the new video, with data about the upcoming Mini Model Engineering Show March 12 and 13, 2011 at EnterTRAINment Junction.

GunShyCC Update 2-9-2011, ETJ Promo 2011, Recorded on 2/14/11, Some highlights of our local club's meeting, some information about the FREE Model Show at E...

I hope to broadcast LIVE at least once during the show, but it's get tricky anymore these days. Hope to have some of our local "artists" do interviews with their items, and maybe also have the chat up so you can ask questions while they are right there. No promises, will have to play that by ear.

Meanwhile, enjoy the video, and check out EnterTRAINment Junction for more details about this Model Show event.

EnterTRAINment Junction | Home of the World's Largest Indoor Train Display
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