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New from TS-U.S.Ranger in A.C.U. MSGT Howard

U.S. Ranger in A.C.U.
MSGT Howard "Mad Max" Mullen JR. in Modern US ARMY RANGER STYLE

Headgear :
-MICH helmet with ACU MICH Helmet Cover x1
-Standard MICH NVG mount x1
-Nor?tos style Tri-point NVG Mount x1
-SF Helmet Light x1

Eye wear, Accessories & BDU :
-Black sun glasses x1
-BLK Profile NVG Goggles x1
-Army Combat Uniform Jacket & Pants with Tan Tee shirt & Belt x1ea

Vests :
-Ranger Green Land Variant- Releasable Body Armor Vest (RBAV) = Land- CIRAS ( Detachable ) x1

Pouches & Backpack :
-Ranger Green RLCS Single M4 FB mag. pouch x6
-Ranger Green RLCS Single M4 Mag Pouches x1
-Ranger Green Double Pistol Mag Pouch x1
-Ranger Green RLCS Single Frag. Grenades Pouch x2
-Ranger Green RLCS Hydration Pouch with Tube x1
-Ranger Green RLCS Admin Pouch x1
-Ranger Green RLCS Customized Medical Pouch x1
-Ranger Green RLCS Canteen Pouch x1
-Ranger Green RLCS GPS Pouches x1
-Ranger Green RLCS MBITR/M148 radio Pouch x1
-Ranger Green RLCS Large Utility Pouch x1

Sub-load :
-Ranger Green RLCS Molle SAS holster (Left hand) x1
-Ranger Green RLCS holster adaptor x1
-Ranger Green RLCS Shooter kit ("Y" Suspenders & Battle Belt) x1
-Ranger Green RLCS horizontal Panel x1

Radio :
-M148 radio with SFCTB - Special Forces Communications System headset x1

Knee Pads :
-Coyote Tan Enhanced Neoprene Knee Pads x1 pair
Foot wear
-Coyote Leather-made lace-up new cutting Desert boots x1pair
(with Enhanced Speed lacing system & sole)

Weapons :
-M4A1 SOPMOD rifle (SF FA556AR sound suppressor, SF M951XM MU System
Weaponlight, Tactical AN/PEQ-2A Pointer, ML scope w/h Wilcox mount,
Matech BUIS Back Up Iron Sight, Receiver End Plate Sling Attachments,
SOPMOD Stock) x1
-M9 Pistol x1
-BLK Single Point Sling x1
-M67 Frag. Grenades x2

Magazine :
-M16/M4 30rd Magazine x8
-M9 Pistol Magazine x2

Patches :
-IR US flag x1
-Full Color US flag x1
-ACU MSG Rank, Mullen Name tag & Army tag x1
-Foliage Green (1BN,2BN,3BN) Ranger Regiment Scroll Patch x1

Body & Head :
-Dark color T.1 body with MSG Mullen Head & Bendable Hands x1

Glove :
-Tan NOMEX style Knit & Leather made flight glove x1pair


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Cool, I like it. I missed out on Toy Soldiers first ACU release, so I think I am going to have to get this one. I like his gear, but it would be nice if Toy Soldier would release an Interceptor in ACU.

Man this set is way better than that HT PMC set..these are sweet parts. He even comes with a the surefire Helmet light and new Tan Nomex gloves. This is a must have for me maybe multiples if I can grad at least 5 of them.. I knew there next set was gonna have some quality good parts. The CIRAS looks killer in OD and the set has many new pouches never done before, I could tell being a TS fan....

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I saw this in person a few weeks ago.The OD CIRAS is fantastic.

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I agree with Alexei, the ACU pattern looks greener perhaps? or it's just the pics..look great either way.

I like the OD gear..I don't have to spray paint my gear anymore...lots of pouches..never enough of those around! Thats one thing TS has really done good on...pouches. Only thing I don't care for is the helmet with cover. I wasn't aware Rangers use the CIRAS-Land, I've only seen pics of the RRV with back plate carrier worn over a PACA soft armor vest but this is a cool set I'm interested in getting.

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It's going to be the same ACU pattern.That pic is of a weathered piece.
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