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New Elves WIP's

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Few new things i am working on, the mask and boots are not going on this elf, but on a new Drow figure im working on. This elfs head is a DML base with toybiz legolas hair, aves blending the bak of the head to the hair and a DML topknot. Clothing is custom except the green undershirt. Belt is handmade including the buckle.

Thanks for looking.
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Thanks for the comments all gents, Rogue Trooper the top knot is from the DML atilla figure, i think you can get the nude at War toys for $7.95.
Neils, the belt is cut leather, i use a rolling cutter and straight edge, the buckle is made from craft wire, folded around a pair of pliers, the middle piece is craft wire with a loop in the end, slid on to the buckle, the grommets are 1/16 size from , the short ones. They also have the tool for inserting them on that site.
I may do a brief tutorial on the belt, if i do ill post a link. Any questions shoot me an e-mail and i help ya out as best i can. [email protected]

Thanks again for the comments, much appreciated.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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