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"Captain Ben Harris" - U.S. Armored Recon Officer, 25th CRS (Mech) 4th Armored Division, Meuse River 1944


- M1 Helmet (Metal)
- New A2 Leather Jacket
- GI Wool Shirt
- GI Wool Trousers
- Neck Scarf
- M1943 U.S. Two-Buckle Boots

- M1923 Twin Ammo Pouch
- M1936 Pistol Belt
- M1942 First Aid Pouch
- Sun Glasses
- Tanker Goggles
- M1936 Map Case
- Lensatic Compass Pouch
- M1910 Canteen (Metal) w/Cover
- M1916 cal.45 Holster

- M1911A1 .45 calibre Pistol (Type 2)

- U.S. Captain Helmet Insignia
- Armored Fore Branch Insignia
- Captain Insignia
- 4th Armored Division Patch

- Man hands with Gloves
- New Character Head
- NEO 3 Body
- Clear Stand Mount

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He looks decent. The jacket does look nice. I'd like to see a close up of the head sculpt also.

Most important: MAN HANDS

"When you need a helping hand, accept no substitutes... MAN HANDS! By DRAGON!"

I think maybe they should market it like Kung Fu Grip...

Boy 1 playing in the dirt: "Oh no! Colonel VonHorstenstein is getting away with the secret plans!"
Boy 2: "Not if Dragon Man can help it!"
Narrator: "That's right! He's got the power of MAN HANDS with the newest Dragon Man."
Boy 1: "MAN HANDS GO!"
Boy 3: "Argh curse your man hands Dragon Man! I woulda gotten away if it weren't for those meaty paws!"

Dragon Man!
Dragon Man!
Nothing escapes Dragon MAAAAAAN'S.....MAN HANDS!

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Aside from the comical inferences about the "man hands"... They make mention of that fact as if they're concerned we might think they would put woman hands on a male figure or none at all?

Let's check that new paratrooper from DML and make sure he has man hands. I can't have my airborne troopers running around killing Jerries with Lady Fingers!

What absurdity from them can we expect next? "DML announces it will include legs and feet on all of its figures."

I do like the fact they put some thought into this figure, but I can bash him today with loose DML gear already out there along with the Did Albert Ross jacket.

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the jacket looks nice.
the headsculpt is okay.

The rest of the uni is passe' (nothing new)
The boots suck...come on now, the same molded 2 buckle boots
that were "new" on Sgt Dave back in 1999?
Uh, I don't think so.

SoF :shades

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I really like the jacket and he will look good in the jeep. I can use another US officer. I'll already be at the convention and the price is good plus I won't pay any shipping. "Did" I mention I have a pair of buckle boots?

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Decent figure, but with the exception of a few new items, it looks like another retread to me.

Isn't "Man Hands" some kind of descriptive comment given after a subpar blind date? "So what was Katie like? Eh, she had man hands..." LOL

I agree with Irish70's comment on the unavailability of the DiD buckle boots. I bought a few pairs of them at Tony's Toys when he had them in stock; (along with a pair of the German cavalry boots) and I regret not buying more of them... Ah well.
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