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Hello everyone!

By now I hope that most of you have stopped by our site and checked out what we have to offer.....we are your newest collector owned shop offering many brands that you're already buying. While we operate on a mostly preorder basis due to being newer and smaller, we can practically get anything currently out and offer preorders on many new items, including Damtoys, Coomodel, TBLeague/Phicen, Verycool, Toys Dao, Poptoys, Super Duck, VTS Toys, and many more! Give us a chance to give you the best service, best selection and above all else, a person YOU KNOW who is also passionate about the very same toys you are collecting.....which I believe gives us the edge on the knowledge and passion department!

Currently, we have preorders available on TBLeague's Purgatori, and ARH Comic's Anck Su Namun, Star Ace's Bellatrix LaStrange, Damtoys Pisces Sisters, COOModel's PANTHEON sets of Athena and Hades, and many more!

Come check us out at Perfect Figure Toys & Collectibles or click the link below in the signature! Also don't forget to find us on Facebook and Instagram, give us a follow or a like and keep up with the newest bits of info!

Thanks, and as always, if you have any questions we are always here to help you out! From collector to collector, always willing to go that extra mile to help you get the toys you want!!
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