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new blokie saying hi and about kojun

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First post just to introduce myself. English chap names ray,
got interested in the hobby on a stopover in singapore, while on the way to aus to visit the wife's folks a couple of years ago.
also has any one come across a guy called kojun from south korea his site is

What with the posts regarding the sculpturos on longbows 2nd sculpt it seems that the hobby is really moving as it seems to me from being something of a kiddies toy to figures you would gaze lovingly over in a museum
anyway i wonder if anyone has info on kojun?

looking forward in having a happy time here

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Welcome. :)

I prefer toys. At least I can afford them easier. ;)
Be they action figures, mandolls, or whatever, the idea is to have fun. The stuff here runs to all levels and subjects, and as the years pass, the benchmarks seem to keep rising. As for kojun, that link doesn't work for me (might be my server having a snooze, or the NKs might have drilled the local comms and are rolling south), but what I've seen is good, painfully good.

Welcome aboard Ray
Hi, welcome to the board! Kojun's stuff isn't news round these parts and you're spot on with the selection of this gentleman's work and that of Longbow Studios, easily amongst the most talented 1:6 artists around at the moment IMO.
Hello Ray, welcome aboard. You'll see a huge variety of figures and genres on this board, that's for sure.
Welcome Aboard RAC57! I also prefer them as toys, and although I'll try and detail them to a level as close to realism as I can, in the end I'd still like to be able to play with them on some level.

And although they don't garner as much critical acclaim, you'll find that there are many, many brilliant and talented individuals on this forum and others; just have a look-see and you'll see some of the great work that you yourself can be capable of yourself :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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