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New ACW mortar from BGT

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I got this from Auggie the other day and thought I'd share:

Over the past couple of years we've been hoping to produce some medium size artillery pieces but trying to find a secure facility inChina that was willing to do a short run of 100 pieces was futile up until recently. We are now pleased to announce our first artillerypiece will be a Civil War era heavy mortar. The facility made the pieces and our own factory will be assembling them.These are madeof a very high quality resin and two sacrificial test samples were dropped without any kind of breakage … these two test samples will notbe sold so actually only 98 pieces are available for sale. Because of the Chinese New Year, which begins February 6th , our production schedule will be delayed until the end of February whenthe factories, including our own, reopen for business. Although we know the cost of making the individual pieces, we do not yet know thecost for assembly, painting and shipping from our facility in China to the U.S.. We should know the final costs very soon, but we know thefinal retail cost will be under $500 and we're aiming toward $385.00 We know many people will indeed complain, and will not be willingto pay this amount, but the realities are that production costs are continually rising and the days of bargain basement prices are soon to be a thingof the past. This is a unique piece and not yet produced in 1/6^th scale, so this is a golden opportunity to purchase a very unique artillery piecethat will be a collectors item since we will only be producing a very limited production run and these will not be available anywhere except fromBattleGear Toys. Because we don't know the final price, we're not accepting any deposits at this time, however if you're sincerely interested and you're willing topay between $385- $485 then let us know so we can reserve one for you. We've attached a .jpg photo, if you have any questions please let meknow and I'll do my best to answer them. Best Regards,Auggie

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Looks sweet! Though I hate to be the one who lugs around the Mortar Ball.
Zounds! Great ideer and good news.

My blood went cold when I read this. I've actually been planning on doing a Cohorn-type mortar for some time. Looks like Auggie beat me to the punch. Well done.

This should fill a nice hole in some great collections.
Interesting piece, looks like a must have for ACW enthusiasts, and if everything in the picture comes with it, it seems like a nice self contained dio, just add figures.
That looks fantastic, and is a huge step forward for BGT!
Any chance you could post a pic of an action figure standing next to the mortar, for scale? We had several guys in our bunch buy newly-cast Cohorns, and one used to shoot his at our 4th of July rassemblements. This looks like a model that could be anywhere from reaaaally big to "gotta move it on a flatcar" size.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean that Auggie sent me the mortar, only the info about it. I don't actually have one. You'll have to axe Auggie that for yourself.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean that Auggie sent me the mortar, only the info about it. I don't actually have one. You'll have to axe Auggie that for yourself.

You're absolutely no help whatsoever then, are you, Mac? :p :p :lol ;)
Here's the real deal with some folks around it for scale. The tube weighs about 16000 lbs.

Thats the hatman with his arm resting on the barrel.
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Armand, you're absolutely right, I'm about a worthless P.O.S. Thank you for pointing out the obvious.
BTW, I read a response to a similar post on another board from Auggie, he stated that the mortars would be shipped directly to the buyers from their facilities in China so, you only absorb the cost of shipping it once, TO YOU. This will keep the cost down and should allow people everywhere to buy without getting killed by shipping costs, just customs duties (which they'd get fanged with anyway). FYI.
WAY FUN to shoot. The loading/aiming takes about 10 minutes. Just enough time to get your heart back to normal pace.... One can follow the ball from firing to airburst.
that is an awesome piece!!!
Tim (plasticpanzers)
We're happy the mortar is being well received. We had hoped to have it released well over a year ago, but it's getting more and more difficult to deal with the factories in China due to the higher costs and higher minimum orders. Even at that, we were only able to find one factory who was willing to do the casting. Our own factory is cleaning up each piece, trimming, painting, assembling, and packing everything.

Many have asked why the mortar and not a smaller cannon, we've planned multiple cannons but because of the delay SideShow beat us to the punch so we decided to release this one first.

Just as a side note, there will be absolutely no Customs Duties levied when shipped to us here in the U.S. because there are not duties for "Toys", which is what we always label the documents as.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at our regular e-mail address:

[email protected]
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