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New 21c weapons sets

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Last weekend I was cruising around TUS and I found at least 2 new weapon sets. An MG-34 that came with two machine guns and ammo boxes and a thompson set that came with several barrels, recievers, and stocks so you can make multiple weapons.
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I've seen the MG 34 set locally but not the Thompson set. The Thompson set looks like it's basically a model kit on a card with a number of options. Cool idea, in my opinion.
I particularly like the "Street Heat 1" set. Picked up one from Atlantic Toys simply to get the two Desert Eagles, but it turns out the highlight of the set are the two TEC 9 pistols, one silenced with a very high capacity mag, one standard. While I know the pistol is utter junk in real life, it's a great sculpt, with a working cocking lever and visible details through the vented cowl. The DEs did not disappoint either (though I missed the moving slide of the Cy Girls version)

The modded M14s are nice, though I have little interest in that weapon.
Quote:"The modded M14s are nice, though I have little interest in that weapon"

They are actually Ruger mini-14's, not M14's
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