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Hey all,

I am trying to make a custom Chinese Assassins Swordsman (Wuxia style) with the stance/pose on the right image (photoshopped). Outerwear Hat Black Sleeve Standing

Currently, I am using PopToy's
Shadow Ninja as base. The problem is the articulation is hindered by his top (the under shirt, not his chest guard, that is bendable) his arm cannot bend to that extent (due to his top material), also, I am looking for a two finger seal hand. Does anyone know where where I can find similar looking top outfit that is more flexible to bend + the two finger hand seal hand? Also, looking for a more Chinese style looking robes, that extend to the figure's knees, please recommend if you know of any.

Next is his hat, the hat is from Daotoys Hells Ninja, this hat is known to be badly made and not proportionate. The front looks good but the back is curved really badly and does not look natural. Does anyone know of a bamboo/straw hat that is similar to Inflames' Water Margin Wu Song Bamboo hat (photo attached). Art Poster Font Painting Illustration
That one is not out yet and I would prefer not to dish out $400 just for it.

I am also looking to improve his boots, currently his boots look too modern looking. I am aiming for something similar to
O-Soul - Ding Xiu (photo attached). Outerwear Human body Fashion Street fashion Overcoat
A more cloth/softer looking type of boot, must be black to match his outfit.

Lastly, I'd like to improve his pants. They currently look too thin for the ancient China theme. I'd like to use something like O-Soul Ding Xiu's as well.

I am also ok to keep a similar setup I have currently and open to hearing suggestions on how I can make this figure look more ancient and Chinese themed. I feel his front chest piece may be causing the time period difference as well. However, if I take it off, the half cape would look weird in the undershirt.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you all!

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