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Need help with a kitbash

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Coming out from Lurkerville as I want to put together a bash but need help with what gear I need to get and where to get it from.

Basically I want to bash this (without the missing leg ;)):

I've already got one of Ada's excellent House sculpts so I need pointers for what else I need. My knowledge of modern gear (especially US stuff) is seriously lacking. I've broken it down into these parts:

- uniform (MARPAT?)
- boots
- knee and elbow pads
- body armour (Interceptor?)
- weapon (M16?)
- belt, holster and sidearm
- Camelbak

I think that's everything. So, can anyone help me out?
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looks like u need
-acu uniform
-acu knee n elbow pads
-M4 w/ acog scope (i think)
-acu vest
-i think thats the new IOTV not interceptor

hopefully I got most of wut u need
The uniform is acutally the US Army's ACU pattern (Advanced Combat Uniform). Check out some of the e-tailors for the brand "Soldier Story". They recently produced a full set of ACU (on two figures actually).

They also made an interceptor (which is what's used in the picture) that even has shoulder protection.

Kneepads may be a bit tougher, as Toy Soldier is the only one to have made them in ACU, so they're kinda rare now. And elbow pads are also pretty hard to find, but Soldier Story made some coyote tan ones on one of the new ACU figures.

Most of the other items you'll be able to find loose (or even carded in some cases) at different E-Tailors, and hopefully at ones that also have the other things you need! And I hope this helps!
where is this pic from?
I'm guessing it's "House" from the Fox TV series, which also has the same name. The pic is prolly from Foxs' site, or some other place on the internet.
I am no expert on modern, far from it actually. But, I'd like to suggest you check out some of the e-tilers out there, many are listed on this site. Just about every e-tailer worth their salt has pictures of what they are selling. Cotswald, Monkey Depot, and Good Stuff to Go are great places to buy complete figures. One Sixth Depot and Good Stuff to Go are also great places to buy all the parts you need loose.

I believe everything you are looking for is pretty common in the hobby. Only you know what quality level and price range is good for you. If you are just getting your feet wet and do not want to spend a ton of cash check out One Six Depot.
He's armed with a M16A2, not a M4.
BBi released a figure called Lucas some time back. He came with almost everything you need to make this guy, minus the kneepads and weapon. You can sometimes find his stuff loose on e-tailers or Ebay.

Dragon released a M16A2 with a small rail on top of the carry handle and a Aimpoint sight fitted. You could switch out the Aimpoint for a ACOG sight like in the image. The only drawback was that the Dragon M16 had a fixed supressor on it. I don't know if the carry handle is removable. The Dragon M16 came from the SAS figure "Colin".

He's armed with a M16A2, not a M4.
BBi released a figure called Lucas some time back. He came with almost everything you need to make this guy, minus the kneepads and weapon. You can sometimes find his stuff loose on e-tailers or Ebay.
Whilst I concur that the weapon is not an M4 it is not a normal A2 either. It is an A3or 4 as it has rail kits for the foreguards. That will be a bit more difficult to find. I believe DML are the only source of these and then they come with a 203 and no guards to replace the lower ones.
I think you're right, Spanner. I wasn't completely sure it was a A2, but now that I've studied the image, I'm pretty sure it is the A4.

I also remembered that DML's Cody (and, I think, the Randy Shugart figure) came with a M4 with rail on the detachable carry handle. It would need to be painted, but it could work for this application.
Thanks for the pointers, guys. It's given me something to start with.

The pics are screencaps I took myself using VLC.

Here's a cap of one of the other Marines in that scene. I could have sworn that was MARPAT:
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That does look like MARPAT in that image, but then it almost looks like he's wearing an ACU interceptor...Can't help you out on that one I guess.
Here are grabs of the other two Marines (the characters are actually refered to as Marines in the episode so that's what I'm going by).

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I think Mole is correct. That uniform is not ACU. I believe it is either MARPAT or maybe the Canadian desert uniform. The rest of the gear does look like ACU pattern though. Good luck Mole.
The rifle he is holding in the picture is definately not an M4. But I have to agree that it is definately an M16A2 and not an A3/A4 variant. Both the A3 and A4 had a removable carry handle and the seperation between the handle and upper receiver isn't there. You also can't see the thumb screws that hold it on....and the area where they should be is clearly visible. There is just enough of the butt stock visible to tell that it is a full and not colapsable stock, and as for the fore stock, the round ones replaced the traingular A1 stock very early. The rifle is exactly what I carried in Desert Storm with the exception of the ACOG. I had a 4X Colt scope on mine. Grab you a good M16A2 rifle and an ACOG sight from any of the above mentioned e-tailers and you're in business. Good Hunting!
I was also thinking A2 originally because of the lack of screws for the carry handle. The reason I think it is not an A2, is because the hand guard doesn't appear to taper towards the front of the rifle, like the A2. Look right behind the front sight post, it appears to be the end of the upper rail. Perhaps it is some sort of Hollywood hybrid, hence the ACOG mounted on the carry handle, instead of directly on the flat top reciever.

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I don't know what any of it is, but what I can tell you from alot of experience is that Hollywood props guys and etc. often don't know their aspic from a hole in the ground. Happens all the time. Stuff is attached to other stuff until it becomes yet other stuff.

Don't use anything out of that hellish movie machine as technical reference.
why does the guy in the pick have marpat marine uniform and the U.S. army ACU vest, not acurate.
Even though this thread is like 2 months old, I feel like typing.

The guy in the picture is Hugh Laurie [sp], who plays Dr House on the Fox show HOUSE.
Its probably some day dream or hallucination--not having seen the episode, I don't know.

Anyway, backtracking to May, Ditto to what LG2 said.

Props and uniforms like these cost a lot, even for hit tv show studios, especially when they may not have much use for them, so they get what they can.

Even shows on the Military Channel do the same. In the [Shoot Out!--?] Battle for Fallujah documentary, they had Marines in desert MARPAT with ACU Interceptors and pouches.

Mole, don't know if you ever finished your bash yet, but we'd like to see it.

If you shelved it and wanted yet another opinion, I'd advise either a coyote brown or woodland IBA and an M16A2 or M16A4 to be more accurate.

But if you want to be more faithful to these pictures, Marpat utilities/helmet cover, ACU IBA/elbow and knee pads, tan boots and maybe a brown safariland dropleg holster.

Somehow the prop weapon has an A2 receiver and an A4's M5 RAS. You could chop these two rifles and make one, but it'd be easier to go with one or the other. Or even an M4 like his buddies in the truck pictures.
The scope is an ACOG model, with no rear or fore sights on it. DML Colin had an M16 some some form with an adapter to mount scopes to the carry handle, but again, easier to chop the acog and glue it.
Not seeing the episode or his weapon clearly in the screen cap, its probably a solid stock.

Hope its coming a long by now :)
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That's crazy pic, must check out that episode.
Sorry to bump this, but, saiko, ShootOut! is a History Channel show, and they have their facts right. It's ironically The Military Channel that almost always gets their stuff wrong. Their documentary on the Second Battle of Fallujah, ''In The Line of Duty'', has Marines wearing the regular Marpat while wearing ACU IBAs.
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