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Need Help: SS USAF TACP/JTAC Holster

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Hi guys,

Hoping someone can help me assemble the holster on his chest rig.

I'm not sure how the piece between the holster and chest rig goes on and at a position to keep the pistol at an angle.

From SS's site:

My pieces:

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Hey Steve. Here's some pics that will hopefully help you.

In the first pic you can use the red holes to mount the holster at an angle or the blue ones for a horizontal mount.

In the second pic you can see how to get the "fingers" started into the molles.

Once you get them started just work them in a little at a time until the straps

pass over the hooks on the fingers. You might have to use a small flat head

screwdriver to help get then straps in place. Also you may have to drill out the

holes on the bracket to get holster pins to go in the holes. I had to drill the holes

out on this bracket to get the holster to mount up in the third pic.


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