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Need a bit of help on USMC WiP (updated)

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I always loved the look of Marines during OIF in 2003, heavily laden in chemical suits and old school IBAs, they looked so dominating.

Been trying to capture that look with this guy but I'm not too sure about accuracy, in particular the dropdown gas mask bag, TASC headset, and stand-alone camelback. Beyond that what else can I add to flesh him out a bit more before weathering.

BTW: Soldier Story boots.........are the BOMB!!!
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I think he looks good so far, I really liked the look of the USMC during the OIF1 invasion as well.
I don't think much needs to be changed or added, as not a lot of guys carried back breaking stuff like most figures do, since a lot of infantry were mobile in hmmwvs.
I think the old school respirator bags that come with DML and BBi Marines would look good in place of that dropdown as it seems more general issue than this one.
Maybe a couple of grenade pouches and I think Ta-50 gear would look nice, and the old issued SWD goggles, along with the okc bayonet, I think it was around at the time.
Great subject, I like the look of Marines during the invasion as well. This looks pretty accurate to all the pictures I've seen of the period. Keep up the good work.
Well, added a few extra pouches and a bit of fluff, changed the gasmask bag, had to use a AAA battery to give it some weight so it would hang nicely. Before i start weathering, do you guys think he needs anything else?

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Looks Great!!! Nice set-up!! Just needs dirt and sand!!!
Wow he looks great, I like the pouch set up now more than before. Good idea with the battery in the bag, I had to do the same. Terrific job!
Nice USMC man.
Very cool bash! Really like how he's set up now!
Thanks guys, on to weathering!
really cool

not many bashes around like this
Well, added a few extra pouches and a bit of fluff, changed the gasmask bag, had to use a AAA battery to give it some weight so it would hang nicely.
Great bash GabRaz. Aren't u worried the battery liquid might leak?
Ebony Webcam
Euh.......didn't think about that. In my experience they tend to leak when in an appliance that hasn't been used for a while; sitting unconnected to anything I'd think they'd be fine.
Just wondering out loud. Cos I get alot of battery leakage when I stored them in a drawer unconnected to anything as well.
Try using fishing weights. Or coins. For small pouches I hit my tacklebox for fishing weights as they won't damage anything.

Figure looks great!
May I suggest a fishing weight instead of the battery? Using that with a bit of packing material might give you the bulk and weight you need without the worry of, "oh no, what is leaking from that now..." after the battery sat for a while (mind you, that might take a while)
A chest strap for the Camelbak would be good, that way you can tighten it a bit and the shoulder straps wont slide so far to the sides.
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