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Ned Kelly was an Australian Bushranger (outlaw) in the late 1800s.
He and his gang made suits of metal armour to shield themselves against bullets from the law. Ned Kelly is by far our most famous bushranger and I wanted to have a go at recreating him in 1/6 scale. It's mostly finished bar a little extra weathering and paint and some leather accessories that I still need to make.

I sculpted his armour using Aves Apoxie, moulded over a suitable base.

For his helmet, I found an old plastic vanilla extract bottle and it seemed about the right size.

I trimmed off the neck and inserted a screw to give the bottle something to grip

Then I trimmed down an old head to fit inside the bottle, and sculpted the apoxie over the bottle

Here is an early progress pic of the torso armour.

Then it was just a matter of finding some clothes and weathering with acrylic paints + pigments. This is all still in progress, the shoes haven't been touched yet and the hands + weapons need some weathering.

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Great job. Keep on the lookout for better guns. Kelly never used a rifle while wearing the armour, he couldn't, the armour is so wide across the chest that it isn't possible to shoot a two-handed gun. He used two pistols - a .36 calibre Colt Navy revolver and a .31 calibre pocket Colt revolver. His rifle was hidden away during the shootout at Glenrowan.

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Wonderful stuff, Steve. A very clever way of creating the "helm", along with the formidable looking chest and groin plates, this must have been a real shock for the law, the first time they encountered it. To quote old Aristotle, "Well begun is half done."

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You pick some very interesting subject matter.

Entirely well executed, too.

I'd be proud to put him on my shelf.
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