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Navy SEAL in Desert Tigerstripe

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here is another of my old bashes, a SEAL in Desert-Tiger, I hope you enjoy...

Most of the equipment is from ACE, the body ist a HT Truetype with the F-14-pilot head.

Thank's for looking,

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That is fantastic! One of the greatest bashes I have seen to date! Well Done!
I simply love Desert Tiger Stripes. Don't know why, just love the look of the camos. Awesome work man!
Nice bash, don't see lefties often. The hanging metal link and his great face camo add a lot for me.
Great job!
Love that last pic.
Batman looks great as a "SEAL" me an idea.

Love the poses 1stSgt_Zottel, esp the one with him loading his ammo belt. And great face painting u got there.
eww wee thats a nice bash..Loving the posing

The reloading pose is top notch
Shaweet!! I love those reloading pics!!
So very nice!
1stSgt Zottel:
Great loadout on that fig.
Those fingerless gloves really caught my eye.
Are those stock or did you mod them?


Great poses, the reloading ones are really cool! How did you do the camo face paint - that looks awesome! :D
Nice bash mate.
That is superb!! One of the best that I have seen one the board. The posing is just brilliant! :thumb :thumb :thumb
@ sof 62: The fingerless gloves are from the HT USMC-Sniperso I had not to mod them... :p

@ justin_g: I did the face-camo with the weathering set from Tamiya, this one:

additional, I made the hole weathering whit the set...

@ All: Thank you very, very much for the nice comments!!
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very nice kitbash:clap tiger stripe looks good on him

i love the posing as well
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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