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Navy Seal Desert

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great work, leonardo looks siiick!!! nice touch on the tats too
I like the snake on the top of the Protec.
Very nice! I like how the one tat goes under the glove cuff.
Looking good I must how about some outdoor shots?
Cool figure and nice work on the tats!! :thumb
Wow, very cool!
I love the usage of the Hasbro knife on your SEAL. I did exactly the same thing with mine too, I love that knife. If only I got more when I had the chance.
Those little artworks touches are nice and refreshing :thumb
Cool bash and I agree the tatts are tit!!
Great-looking SEAL and nice inkwork on body and helmet. That's a worthy headsculpt, he looks major-league pissed.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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