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napoleonic 1871 france/prussia war. a french hunter on the wall .

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my last custom, a french hunter in 1871 at the battle of SAINT QUENTIN ( in the north of france).

pics on my WIP and the final piece with the wall.

my inspiration, a A painting by the painter Paul-Louis GROLLERON

and now my work...

when finished ( 1 month later....)

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Beautiful , looks just like the painting,awesome!!!
Sweet, sweet work. Great weathering--love the gun smoke.. The effort is all there to see...

Very Very BIG heavy work on the character, complete realization of the uniform.
Complete realization of saddle harness, bridle flange, luggage, cover. And customization of the horse. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO.

:thumb :thumb :thumb :thumb
I saw this figure for real! Is just an excellent job with a uniform all done in may is an excellent painting !!
Respect my friend
The pose, scratchbuiding and dio are very impressive
beautiful figure. one of my favorites from you..

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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